Wine bars in Barcelona

Top wine bars in Barcelona

I honestly consider it as an ill-bred behaviour to visit Barcelona and never enter a single wine bar in order to enjoy its cosy and radiant atmosphere, incredibly interesting choice of wines and delicious and innovative bites to accompany your drink.

For you in order not to commit this unforgivable mistake, we created a list of wine bars, where you can be drawn in this exciting experience drowned by a mixture of tastes, sounds and scents.



Viblioteca barcelona

Viblioteca is a great wine and cheese bar located in Gracia. A laid back atmosphere and minimalistic interior will make your wine experience pure and joyful.

The majority of wines have Catalan origin, and you definitely have to try these ones, since you are in Catalunya. Nevertheless, if you don’t trust Catalan winemakers, you can stick to your tastes and fetch a French, Italian or German alternative.

Nice and friendly personnel is aware of all the abundance of the wines and cheeses the bar embraces, so if you are indecisive, the guys at the bar can definitely recommend you something or at least describe a mix of feelings you are supposed to be drawn into.

If you don’t feel like talking, a very well structured and self-explanatory menu can give you the idea of what could be appealing to your taste.

viblioteca in gracia wine bar

Not only cheeses and wine but a number of tasty bites are at your disposition in this pretty bar.

Salmon tartare, foie with a selection of jams, or artichokes with pesto sauce and many many more gourmet pleasure can make an amazing company to your favourite wine.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 104, 08012 Barcelona


Bar Can Cisa/Brutal

Bar Can Cisa / Brutal Barcelona

Located in the curvy and cosy streets of electric Born, Can Cisa is definitely a hidden gem for wine lovers. The place embraces enoteca, bar and restaurant formats, but to my humble opinion, the bar-ish spirit is the strongest.

Run by Italian twins, the place has a great offer of tapas with an Italian touch. Freshest mortadella, burrata,  wide selection of cheeses and incredibly tasty Sicilian olives.

Nothing sophisticated but why would you need a complex company to your wine? You might face the challenge to choose wine since the selection is quite abundant.

Fortunately, smiley and very professional sommelier will help you with the choice, explaining all the nuances of this or that wine, or will offer you a wine tasting set, which is always a good idea!

The personnel is very unique as well. Tattooed guys with perfectly groomed beards and a good sense of humour won’t leave you indifferent. The place is noisy and cosy at the same time and perfectly suits to meet up with your dearest friends.

When leaving don’t forget that you can fetch a couple of bottles of organic wine and enjoy the taste when you’re at home.. or on the beach, for example.

Where you can find it: Carrer de la Princesa, 14, 08003 Barcelona


Intrepid de Gracia

Intrepid de Gracia

Intrepid is another cool place situated in Gracia where you can enjoy great gourmet tapas and amazing wine for a very good price. While the approximate price for a glass of wine is € 2, quinoa salad or a pretty beef hamburger will cost you around € 5. The menu embraces traditional

While the approximate price for a glass of wine is € 2, quinoa salad or a pretty beef hamburger will cost you around € 5. The menu embraces traditional potatoes “bravas” and a number of healthy options as well.

Intrepid is a perfect place to go for after work (or “after excursion”)  beer or a glass of wine, but let me warn you: the atmosphere is so good and tempting, and treatment is so warm and pleasant, that you might end up finishing the second bottle of wine by closing time and having issues to wake up the next day.

Though the place positions itself as a wine bar, the selection of cocktails is very original and unique too. If you have a sweet tooth, try a sexy cheesecake cocktail: a great mixture of desert and alcoholic beverage.

This cocktail could be a perfect solution, in case your secret intention is to make your girlfriend drunk to enjoy her being more..mmmm..talkative?

intrepid barcelona wine bar

Due to all the pleasures, I have just described and small size of the place, it is almost always packed. So if you are really into it, it is always better to make a reservation.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 176, 08012 Barcelona


Bistro Bardot (Bardot Barcelona)

Bistro Bardot

Bardot is another place in Barcelona where the wine is taken seriously. The cellar embraces more than 700 wines from France, Italy and of course a local region of Catalunya.

Nevertheless, the choice goes beyond these areas. The founder of the locale has a quite impressive wine background as well as very entrepreneurial mind: the place was opened in one of the vital areas of Barcelona since it later became a gastronomic heart of the city.

The bar looks stylish and up to date. Customers vary significantly: from pretentious wannabe wine experts to relaxed and chilled wine devotees.

The atmosphere is laidback and personnel is friendly and helpful, though sometimes might seem a little bit distant.

Not only wine is treated in a serious way here, Bardot cuisine is also a spot of a great attention.

Owners make sure to get to the kitchen freshest ingredients from all over the region, in order to serve their customers healthy and delicious plates with the best ingredients the season can offer.

Every day the Bistro reveals five special recommendations of the day, that are often quite innovative and thrilling.

bardot barcelona wine bars

Of course, the bar offers wine tasting sessions, in order to provide the opportunity to try as many types of wine as possible and to get enlightened and drunk at the same time.

The place is not cheap but for the location and the price/quality ratio this is a really a good offer. And as you may guess, it is a really popular spot, so booking is a must!

Where you can find it: Enric Granados, 147, 08008 Barcelona


Check the map with pinned locations for your convenience

Barcelona seems to be a perfect place for any type of inebriation. Don’t lose this amazing opportunity to yield to colourful, vivid and a little bit provocative Barcelona calling.

Let yourself go and enjoy every second of your stay in this beautiful city.


Yours, JT

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