Where to eat in Sant Antoni neighbourhood

Eat in Sant Antoni guide

If you are tired of elbowing through people at Las Ramblas or desperately looking for a nice place to eat in Barceloneta, give it a try to Sant Antoni neighbourhood.

Though the neighbourhood is often neglected by guide books due to a lack of traditional points of interest, it is a new Barcelona’s buzz district. In the past few years, a cluster of new bars and restaurants has popped up here.

Some are worth visiting due to their charming atmosphere, gastro delights and interesting people. Have a look at a handful we investigated for you and decide what could be your “cup of tea”.

Federal Café

Federal Cafe in Barcelona

If you are a brunch lover or a secret hipster, this place is just right for you! Choose where you want to have your morning “cortado” (this is how Spanish people call espresso macchiato) inside the café with a beautiful interior and flowers all around or on the rooftop terrace full of green plants and dancing sunbeams.

Select among a wide variety of egg dishes or, if you are not an egg person go for cereals, pancakes or a traditional croissant. If you prefer to go hard on your breakfast a variety of hamburgers is also at your disposal.

For me, Federal Café is associated with a brunch but if you feel like dropping in the evening to fetch a tasty chicken curry, it won’t be less delicious. But whether it is a breakfast with aromatic coffee or lunch with a refreshing beer be ready to pay around 11-16€.

And one more thing… Federal Café is a place where you can spend a half of your day with a laptop sipping one and the same coffee, and nobody will give you an ill-disposed look…well, unless it is Sunday afternoon and people are queuing to get the table.

Accompany your food with a good company…and enjoy your meal!

Where you can find it: Carrer Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona

Ikibana Restaurant & Lounge Paralelo

Eat in Sant Antoni - Ikibana restaurant

How could anyone ever imagine that Brazilian – Japanese fusion would turn out to be so delicious? And it is indeed! And a vivid example of this is Ikibana restaurant. You will be taken away by a mixture of colours, tastes, aromas and textures… Your meal will be accompanied by exquisite interior and smooth lounge music.

Very friendly and attentive personnel will make your food experience genuinely pleasant.

The restaurant has different types of set menus, which vary from 36€  to 75 €. Average à la carte price will end up in 30-35€. It might seem expensive at the first sight…and from the second… But it is definitely worth the price you pay, unlike an awful lot of places in Barcelona.

The restaurant has a terrace and it is nice itself, but it is located on a really busy street. If you believe that city noises may have a negative impact on your perception of food, I strongly recommend that you book a table inside.

My first visit to the restaurant was a little bit confusing since I was not acquainted with the concept and expected good old rolls…

So bear in mind that all the pleasures of the world I have just described will happen to you if you are open to new things and tastes, if you are ready for a gourmet experience and, of course, if you are keen on Japanese cuisine with a Brazilian touch. Expand your gastronomic horizons!

Where you can find it: Avinguda del Paralelo, 148, 08015 Barcelona

Basilico Gastrobar

Eat in Sant Antoni - Basilico

Were you looking for Spanish food? Here we go: this urban gastro-bar combines a hip, lively ambience with Spanish cuisine and a gourmet touch.

I would be even more precise, here you can find Catalan cuisine which is also reflected in the wine list and in a selection of cheeses. If you plan to find paella or typical tapas sold in every other café, I have to disappoint you, it is not the place.

I wouldn’t dare to call it “high-end tapas” but it is a definitely a good place to try Catalan wine accompanied by creatively decorated and delicious Spanish plates in a relaxed environment and soothing interior.

Good value for money with an average check per person around 23 €. The place has a terrace, but again I would recommend sitting inside to feel the atmosphere created by warm light and wood and tile interior.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a good desert, since life is too short!

Where you can find it: Av. del Paraŀlel, 142, 08015 Barcelona

Café Cometa

Eat in Sant Antoni - Cometa

The café is quite small, nevertheless, it has its own charm. It has two levels: first, one is full of light and weird pictures on the walls, a second has three commune tables inviting you to open your laptop and get down to work.

I would say, even if you have a subtle intention to open your laptop on the first floor, personnel is kindly showing you the stairs to the second.

If you are lucky enough (since it is always crowded) you can fetch a table on a terrace. I wouldn’t call it “The Terrace”, but a bunch of tables scattered on the street.

Nevertheless, the area is quiet and enjoyable so you can take an advantage of it staring at passing by pedestrians (that most of us subconsciously do) and inhaling a little bit of a fresh air.

A menu has a wide selection of sandwiches and fresh juices; you can even use a little bit of imagination and create your own sandwich! If you are not too thrilled by this option, go with the selection provided.

One sandwich will cost you about 6-7€. You won’t be disappointed, they are really delicious.

The café’s menu states that the products they use are super ecological and come from local farmers.

When I learnt this I decided to devour a carrot cake, believing that it will be friendly to my body. Here we go! It was that yummy that I forgot about complementing calories! It seems that a concept of a health bar works!

Where you can find it: Carrer del Parlament, 20, 08015 Barcelona

MonDoré Cerveseria Gastronòmica

Eat in Sant Antoni - Mondore

I definitely couldn’t write this review without mentioning a bar. Most probably you have already learned a meaning of a word “Cerveceria”, if not I am happy to let you know that it is translated as a “beerhouse”.

But it is not a traditional pub you might think about. It’s clear as a day, owners tried to give it a gastronomic touch. And they managed. Spanish tapas are served with love and a creative scent.

The menu is not too abundant, but the food is tasty and goes well with beer. The price is reasonable too. A starter and a main course to accompany your beer will cost you about 13€.

Beers are so different and so good, that it is impossible to describe! It is so complicated to choose tap beer or bottled one! So many scents and flavours, so you might risk trying them all. In a beer spree, don’t forget that each portion is worth 3-4€.

If you were brought to the place by a friend who manipulated you and you are not at all a beer fan, don’t get upset, you have good alternatives! First one, you may start liking beer giving a try to a one called “CESC”, which doesn’t taste like a “real” beer, or you can order a gin&tonic, which costs only 7€!!! At least one good reason to visit the place.

The atmosphere and interior are very cosy and friendly. The bar has three tables outside, but they are not too inviting to sit at.

Surprisingly, the majority of people are locals, may be because poor tourists don’t even have the opportunity to understand the menu since it’s only in Spanish.

So drop by if you are in the area and enjoy fresh and tasty beer from a frozen glass…And as the bar sign says: “Beer is cheaper than a therapy”!

Where you can find it: Carrer Floridablanca, 3, 08015 Barcelona


Eat in Sant Antoni - Barna-Brew

I could not help but stumble upon the craft beer bars which I already covered in Top Craft Beer Bars article. This one is a solid option for all craft beer fans. These guys started some time ago with just a small brewery and perfected their skills on-the-go.

Now they’re offering 5 home-brewed beauties, with a range that would satisfy most of the tastes. With an exceptionally friendly staff and really fair prices, I am absolutely sure Barna-Brew will be stacked full of people in a blink.

Where you can find it:

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