Where to eat in Raval

Eat in Raval district of Barcelona

Due to its ambiguous reputation, El Raval doesn’t seem to be a good area to have a delicious bite if you feel peckish. Nevertheless, it is very untrue.

A plethora of spots El Raval embraces is impressive and very diverse, as the district itself: from dusty and noisy eateries to chic restaurants, twinkling with Michelin guide recognition.

Beware of too authentic places. By authentic here I don’t mean Hispanic culture. El Raval houses a variety of communities, such as Philippians, Pakistanis, Moroccans, etc.

This cultural diversity affected gastronomic background of the area. Thus some places might turn out to be quite weird for your refined taste.

For you not to become too perplexed we have selected some spots to get about.


Tropico restaurant - eat in Raval

This is just the right place to have your brunch in Raval. As the name suggests, you can get absorbing dishes here with a variety of exotic ingredients from red dragonfruit to Amazonian acai.

Brunch in Tropico - eat in Raval

Guys create a lot of fruity mixes to boost you energy for the whole day. Traditional food is also at your disposition here: egg dishes including Benedict option, bowls with oats and yogurt, pancakes with maple syrup and some good sandwiches with freshest ingredients.

Pancakes in Tropico - eat in Raval

The place is drenched in the sunlight, not only dishes but the interior is very colorful and radiating.

For me, this is how should look the ideal place for a lazy brunch with friends or a good book. Nevertheless, Tropico team has something to surprise you with at dinner time too.

What about crispy fried yucca flower? Or maybe you feel like having seabass ceviche? You were missing red quinoa so much, and at last, you can have it here!

All these sounds too light and too healthy for you? Fetch a featured Tropico burger then! It is quite substantial and incredibly yummy!

Burger in Tropico

Great mixologists created exotic and tempting cocktail menu: Saffron Mango Sour, Trópico Fruit Punch, or Tropic Thunder are just some elixirs from the long list that will keep up your spirits.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 24, 08001 Barcelona


Luzia restaurant - eat in Raval

They say you can’t find good and inexpensive food in Las Ramblas. Well, it is almost correct…Nevertheless, there are a couple of exceptions. Just off Las Ramblas, you can find convenient and safe option for a good nibble, called Luzia.

What is quite surprising that this place is quite popular among locals, who are not in the habit to wander around Las Ramblas, which is a good sign since they come here on purpose.

So, as for the menu, it is quite extensive. And if you are not a capricious b**ch, who is never satisfied, you will definitely find something appealing.

First, the menu embraces traditional tapas that every diligent tourist should strive for: patatas bravas (Spanish style cooked potatoes), pimientos de Padron (grilled little green peppers), croquetas con Jamon (fried balls with cheese and pieces of ham).

tapas in Luzia - eat in raval

The name suggests an abundance of Italian traditional cuisine such as pasta and pizza, and that is true!

These guys offer a good selection of wood oven baked pizzas and a number of pastas with traditional Italian sauces. If you are one of those, who orders a hamburger no matter what, Luzia will not disappoint you here as well.

Fret not, my greenish friends! Veggie burger and other vegetarian options are at your disposition too. Even Asian lovers will find here a good bite. From Wednesday to Sunday the restaurant opens a sushi bar, but only for dinner time.

Salad in Luzia - eat in Raval

I am always a bit scared of places with such a variable menu, but this one has never made me disappointed about the quality of food. Hopefully, it won’t change.

The restaurant is spacious and usually quite busy. Nevertheless, it turns out to be chill and cozy, with warm light and soft music.

The service is a little slow, and not all the waiters are as helpful as you might expect, but the spot is worth trying for a joyful dinner with friends, or even as a solo option.

The place is busy, it is always better to book.

Where to find it Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Marmalade restaurant - eat in Raval

As you enter this restaurant, high chrome art deco bar tempts you to order an aperitif straight away.

While waiting for your tasty drink, mount the bar stool and look around, you will notice copper clad antique walls and red velvet cushions around…

How do you feel? Thrown back to 1950s New York? Or this place resembles glamorous Parisian salons?

The space embraces four halls… but deemed light and lounge music with its unique interior make it really cozy and enjoyable.

Since the place is called “restaurant and cocktail bar” you might assume that it has a great cocktail menu and yeah, you won’t be disappointed.

You can always find appealing classics, such as Negroni and Long Island, or quite thrilling mixes with even more thrilling names: naked lunch martini, porn star martini, la diva del chocolate… or go in line with tourist musts and fetch Sangria…

By the way, prices are very reasonable: one drink will cost you 6-7 Euro.

As for the food, the price quality ratio is very attractive too. I always consider this place for dinner so I can order mouth watering homemade fettuccine with duck confit and ricotta cheese or Italian creamy burrata cheese with pine nuts and fresh basil (nothing outstanding, I just have burrata everywhere).

Burger lovers can celebrate food passion here since the offer is broad. Furthermore, the staff claims they buy the meat only from local farmers.

burger in Marmalade - eat in Raval

Every time I come, a waiter recommends trying their signature barbecue spare ribs.. never did…Maybe you will.

Marmalade is also a great spot for a long brunch with friends. All the options you might fancy:  sweet or sour… Brunch classics, enormous bowls of salads, sweet pancakes and other tasty bites….Burgers again! It is really versatile!

Brunch in Marmalade - eat in Raval

The place has the terrace; I’d recommend outdoor sitting for lunch and indoor for dinner…

And….Something you might be thrilled about…. carved black matte billiard table! Oh, yes! Do you feel like in a gangster movie already?

Why don’t you outplay a friend for a dinner bet… Or stakes could be more exciting, you decide…

Where to find it Carrer de la Riera Alta, 4-6, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Palosanto - eat in Raval

I would like to finish my review with this small and lovable tapas bar.

If you are okay with creepy weirdos asking you for money from time to time, go to the sunny terrace and enjoy your refreshing drink.

Guys are quite good mixing drinks, even if they are not on the menu. The decoration is worth Instagram post:)

As an option, you can always ask for Sangria. In case you feel peckish, accompany your drink with traditional Spanish tapas, such as tortilla (served with truffle oil), croquettes or fried artichokes.

Tapas in Palosanto - eat in Raval

Or think big and get a burger… again! I always order a burger or a burrata (who has a deja vu now, you or me?). By the way, check my article, fully dedicated to finding the best burgers in Barcelona. Perhaps, I’d also think about writing one on burratas sometime down the road.

Burger in Palosanto - Eat in Raval

Since we figured that you came here for local staff, fetch Catalan Creme dessert, or…in case you are as perverted foodie as me, get chocolate with bread, covered with olive oil and sea salt… it is kinky and delicious.

Go inside in case chilly wind and chilled drink are too much for you. Cute and funky surrounding with eclectic decor will make you feel relaxed and cozy. Just the right place to start your night.

You will be attended by really friendly personnel that seem to speak all the languages in the world.

I’d say prices are a bit “touristy”, nevertheless not too overwhelming. Very casual, cool, chic and fun place, really recommendable to try, once you are in the area.

El Raval district has a lot to discover: enjoyable and ugly…So plan your routes in advance and don’t walk there late at night, and I guarantee most pleasant impression from this mysterious and versatile area.

Where to find it Rambla del Raval, 26, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

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