Where to eat in Gracia district

Today I’m going to share my personal experience and best tips on where to eat in Gracia, one of the most emblematic districts of Barcelona.

A former village, which later became a part of the city, Gracia, is a hidden paradise for hipsters and bohemian people. It is still not very well known by tourists so you can wander along the peaceful streets of the district, chatting to locals and enjoying you fresh coffee in various bars and cafes Gracia embraces. Check open hours of the place you want to visit since you can become a victim of siesta.

Viblioteca – eat in Gracia, drink in Gracia

Viblioteca - eat in Gracia

That is my favorite place in Gracia, I can’t even explore the new once since I come back over and over again. A cozy little wine bar, very typical for this area, with a variety of tasty snacks and cheeses and a broad selection of wine.

cheese plate in Viblioteca

I have already written a more comprehensive review on that one in my article Wine Bars in Barcelona.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Vallfogona, 12, 08012 Barcelona

Sol i Lluna, a fine way to Gracia’s delicacies

Just at the beginning of the lively Carrer de Verdi, you will find a cozy little restaurant with a welcoming personnel and tasty bites.

While devouring a mouth watering pastry with Baileys I asked the owner, why he decided to call his restaurant “ The sun and the moon”.  He explained that the name implies the contrast of tastes and textures they use in the kitchen as well as the philosophical interpretation of change. I didn’t get that one, but the dessert was contrastingly good indeed!

The restaurant opens only for dinner, so there is nothing to do with “the sun” though.

As for cuisine, it is a mix of tapas, some Asian variations, but I have noticed a french touch in a majority of dishes I have seen and tried.

My veggie friends should not be disappointed either. Beetroot tartare or veggie lasagna and some more greenish options will save them from starving in the company of predators, who most probably won’t resist to a good steak or fresh sea bass seasoned with lemon and dill.

Sol i Lluna - eat in Gracia

A good selection of wines per glass will hinder you from the riotous drunk evening. It is recommended to take a dessert, very much recommended! They are all home made and differ from time to time, according to the owner’s mood.

The price is a bit higher than medium, but the place is packed anyway. So it’s always better to make a reservation to ensure you won’t stay outside.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Verdi, 50, 08012 Barcelona

Ipar Txoco, eat in Gracia like a Basque

Ipar Txoko - eat in Gracia

Don’t go there if you are in search of exquisite dinner with a dimmed light and prim and proper folks sitting next to you. In case you don’t care about the ambiance and strive to try a Basque cuisine, Ipar Txoco is the place to be!  They do have white table cloths, but it doesn’t make the place more refined though.

As far as you know, Spanish food differs from one region to another. The Basque country, an anonymous community located in the northern Spain has a wide gastronomic choice that is very well presented in this restaurant.

The owners make sure to use traditional Basque receipts and give it a creative touch. They also take care of food quality and use only local ingredients.

As a starter, you can have clams in Marinara sauce or cod tortilla.

Despite the quite limited choice of meat, the steaks they have are of an outstanding quality, and what made me feel excited, that the meat is served on a volcanic stone, so you can cook it right away on your table if you find the meat too bloody. Don’t burn yourself!

The choice of fish dishes is very abundant. They look like the once you could see in the guide book about Spanish cuisine. They are usually served with potatoes or under loads of traditional Basque sauces. Ask about the fish of the day. It’s always fresh and tasty.

If you are confused or not in the mood to comprehend what is what, very helpful personnel is ready to explain you each detail of the menu.

All in all a dinner in this tasty Basque tavern (I had the urge to call it tavern) will cost you around 30 Euro per person without drinks. It is really worth visiting if you are curious about Basque cuisine.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Mozart, 22, 08012 Catalonia, Barcelona

Maccina Pasta Bar, the Italian way

Macchina pasta bar - eat in Gracia

When in search of something inexpensive and Italian in the district, drop by Maccina pasta bar. These cool kids serve homemade pasta with a variety of delicious sauces.

You can create your own pasta dish; it’s simple! Pick the most appealing type of pasta, decide on the sauce: red pesto, traditional carbonara, salmon sauce or any other from a wide variety, and season it with a topping.

Fresh pasta in Macchina

My favorite is the one with dried tomatoes and mozzarella. If you are not into pasta, order a tasty lasagna, bruschetta or good old salad. Or go straight to desserts!

Where else in Barcelona you will find a tasty Tiramisu for 2,90?

The guys also claim to have natural beers, created by “dreamers like them”. Well, I’m not a beer fan, so I’d just say it was fine and refreshing.

You might find the place noisy but it definitely has a good vibe.

Where you can find it: Carrer d’AstĂşries, 17, 08012 Barcelona


Ventuno bar in Gracia

This is one of those typical bars in the area. Homey, tiny and pleasant. A laid-back atmosphere makes it a great place to drop by after a busy day.

Guys stick to Italian food but don’t make it too traditional. So if you expect pasta or pizza, bypass the place. Or stay and experience the freshest burrata, crispy bruschettas, impeccable salmon tartar and, oh my… mouth-watering homemade tiramisu!!

fresh burrata in ventuno

The crowd flocks there for the versatile choice of cocktails too.

So fetch you friends and spend a gourmet-tipsy evening in a good company.

The guys are open only for dinner, and the place is usually packed. It is always better to book. Sometimes the bar has special offers and discounts if you book via “el tenedor” (the fork). Check it out, you might be lucky.

Where you can find it: Carrer de l’Or, 21, 08012 Barcelona

La Vietnamita (Gracia)

La Vietnamita - eat in Gracia

This chain of pan-Asian food proliferated through the districts where cool crowd tends to flock: Gracia, Born, and Sant Antoni. With the motto “Eat good, feel good” they attract conscious eaters to their restaurants and make them come over and over again.

Relaxed (sometimes too relaxed) and attentive personnel will explain you everything about one and every bite you are going to order.

Drop by if you feel like diversifying your tapas experience with some rice paper rolls, curry or noodles. The Pho-Bo soup is to die for. The majority of food the guys serve is gluten and lactose-free.

The deemed light and cozy atmosphere make the place look romantic, but it’s not what it seems. It is not recommendable to have a date there, the eatery is quite clamorous, and tables squeezed too close to each other. But take advantage if you like reality shows and enjoy eavesdropping on conversations of others.

Prices will also make you feel good. The average check is about 13 Euro per person.

Where you can find it: Â Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 78, 08012 Barcelona


Map with all mentioned places to eat in Gracia

Thank you for reading through, as you may say there’s obviously a lot more exciting places to eat in Gracia which I didn’t mention just yet, so feel free to leave your comments with the new or interesting restaurants and I will go check and add them to this article!

Yours, JT

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