Where to eat in Gothic quarter

Eat Gothic quarter Barcelona

As you most probably know, Gothic is the oldest part of the city, it attracts many tourists to breathe its history but sometimes its not easy to find where to eat in Gothic quarter. And, as it usually happens, the area is oversaturated with low quality and expensive eateries.

Don’t panic! There are spots in Gothic where you can enjoy your food and time in a pleasant ambience right after intense city exploration.

I have already shown you through the streets of the Gothic quarter in my last district guide, so let’s get directly to it’s best eateries as I’m getting hungry!

My way

Eat in My Way

My way is a pretty lounge restaurant with a delicious cuisine and cosy atmosphere. Despite its close location to Plaza Real and Las Ramblas, the price quality ratio is very attractive.

The locale opens its doors at 5 pm so you can have either dinner or really late lunch. Furthermore, shiny barstools, smiley bartenders, and the abundant cocktail card may be a good excuse to drop by to fetch a good cocktail, especially after 11 pm, when the scent of New York reaches its top.

Black and white movies are displayed on the big screen, while smooth lounge music accompanies your small talk with friends; ask for Martini to add up one more requisite to your classy New York night.

Hardly would you resist to delicately grilled scallops accompanied by clams in marinara sauce, or finely sliced foie gras decorated by red berries and cured by citrus and sea salt, or may be Mango salad with avocado, walnuts and buffalo mozzarella pearls in sherry vinaigrette is a better starter for you?

All these delicious bites will cost you around €9,60. Prices for main dishes are not that liberal, nevertheless worth trying.

For example, sirloin steak with truffled potatoes gratin, sauteed wild mushrooms and foie gras, which costs €25 is something to die for, especially if you are a devoted predator. The restaurant menu embraces paellas and fideuas, quite good but not too distinguished.

Save some space for a homemade dessert, self – pampering is always welcomed in Barcelona.

Where you can find it: Carrer de les Heures, 4-10, 08002 Barcelona

La Alcoba Azul

Eat in Alcoba Azul

In the old Jewish neighborhood, breathing with mystery and magic, just off Plaza Felip Neri you will find this little but very atmospheric tapas bar. Medieval walls, low ceilings, and light of flickering candles will carry you several centuries back.

The menu embraces many tasty bites such as goat cheese salad with crispy lettuce, splendid stuffed peppers, flavorsome jamon, melting in the mouth cheeses from Extremadura… The specialty of the bar is different torradas: thick-sliced bread, slathered with anything you could ever ask for!

All the bites from the menu tempt you to enjoy a glass of good wine, or you can check out vermouth instead (more typical for Spain than sangria).

Cozy ambience, tasty and authentic food for reasonable price, friendly personnel: these are good prerequisites to drop by La Alcoba Azul if you are around. And one more thing – nice quiet street terrace outside!

Eat in Alcoba Azul on the terrace

Where you can find it: Calle Sant Domenech del Call, 14, 08002 Barcelona

La Vinateria del Call

eat in la vinateria del call

Narrow and winding streets of the Gothic quarter carefully hide this charming bar.

Nothing to do with big light restaurant halls where you could demonstrate your new look.  If you feel comfortable around dusty bottles and dark wood furniture with the rustic atmosphere, this place can’t be a better option for you.

crowd in la vinateria del call

The food is quite simple, but the quality is the best. You can choose among some warm tapas, diverse sausages, different jamons and Spanish cheeses.

Croquettes the guys offer are to die for and the wine list is outstanding. Everything makes for a long and pleasurable evening.

croquetas and jamon in vinateria

After the fourth glass of wine, I was swearing to a bartender that I had never felt so much at home, he smiled softly and replied:  ‘While once you pass through La Vinateria del Call door you stop being a client to become a friend.”

Where you can find it: Carrer de Sant Domènec del Call, 08002 Barcelona

El Cercle

The restaurant positions itself as an artsy and gastronomic hub. I wouldn’t call it too distinguished in gastronomy, nevertheless worth trying.

El Cercle Barcelona - Eat Gothic quarter

There are three main halls: two for Mediterranean cuisine, both are very classy: with bookshelves, statues and smooth lighting, perfect for a  little bit presumptuous and artistic dinner;  the third hall has a more laid-back atmosphere and offers Japanese cuisine.

Prices for rolls and different types of raw fish on rice don’t vary much from the average price of Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.

For example, delicate salmon, accompanied by creamy cheese and covered with rice will cost you €12 (8 pieces) and white fish or slightly roasted salmon sashimi is €3,40 per piece.

As for Mediterranean food, for some dishes, you can order a half portion. For example, a suckling lamb shoulder which goes with baked tomatoes will cost you €13,80 instead of €19,80 for a full portion, or sea bass is €18,60 (full portion €26,50).

Cheaper options, such as mozzarella or Iberian pork sandwiches will cost you €5,40. Pasta lovers will also find an appealing dish there.

The menu is very abundant, and might seem too diverse to be good, but turns out to be a very good option if city exploration was exhausting and you feel like having a lazy lunch.

eat in el cercle restaurant gothic district

The pearl of the place is a rooftop patio, where you can observe street below going by and enjoy your lazy sunny afternoon. If the menu didn’t captivate your attention and seems too generic for you, drop by only for a drink at the terrace, it is really enjoyable.

Where you can find it: Carrer dels Arcs, 5, 08002 Barcelona

Satan’s coffee corner

You should definitely visit this place if you feel like having a damn good coffee. The guys use special blends and unique techniques of coffee making, which turn Satan’s corner into a distinguished coffee hub in the Gothic quarter.

coffee in satans

The place is quite small but undoubtedly cozy. Perfect for fast morning coffee or long lazy brunch. You’d better be a coffee expert, otherwise, you might not feel comfortable to pay € 2,50 for café con leche (average price in the city is €1,60) but this “overwhelming” price concerns only coffees, all the rest is quite reasonable.

For example, corn and coconut spiced soup will cost you € 5,40 or a great breakfast company of chia porridge with sweet pickled pomegranate, seasoned by shaves of chocolate and roasted almonds is just €5,50.

If you prefer to start your morning with eggs, an omelette with roasted tomatoes and salmon or bacon is also at your disposition. Though being an egg person is a little bit more expensive, this treat will cost you €11.

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you might like sugar free hot chocolate, the quality of cocoa is impressive, nothing to do with a smiley bunny on the yellow background.

The personnel is very typical for such type of place: friendly hippies, always happy to exchange a couple of jokes and give you recommendations on the menu and beyond.

satans coffee in gothic quarter

Light-drenched corner with a laid-back ambience and splendid coffee is absolutely a good start of your day.

Where you can find it: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11 08002 Barcelona

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Barcelona features an abundance of places appealing to different tastes, moods, and events. Keep searching, there are so many things to be discovered! From our side, we will be happy to support you in these explorations and share love to Barcelona with you.

Yours, JT.

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