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eat in eixample esquerra - best bars and restaurants in left eixample

Hi there, I’m going on with our “Where to Eat” series. At first, I was considering to write two separate articles on New and Old parts of Left Eixample.

Then I figured that not only travelers but the majority of locals have no idea how the area is divided. So why would we put limits, especially in such a free city as Barcelona! Nevertheless, a number of good places in the area are countless.

So, first check our New Eixample Esquerra district guide, if you haven’t done it yet, in order to learn how to move through the neighborhood.

Now have a look at some of the restaurants I’d picked for you and figure which one is appealing to your preferences the most or you might go and try them all!

OMA Bistro

Oma Bistro in Eixample Esquerra

If you are looking for a cosy place, where you can start your amazing day accompanied by a fresh croissant and coffee, drop by OMA bistro.

You may exchange your croissant by bikini sandwich made on “Pan de Coca” or even by apple cinnamon crumble cake (crunchy and soft at the same time!).

Though if you are an egg person, the number of options for your taste is also quite abundant: starting from simple scrambled eggs up to sophisticated Benedict interpretations.

A fresh orange juice may be exchanged by a more interesting energy boost. The café features a variety of vitamin mixtures with such incidents as green apple, beetroot, ginger and more. One such beverage will cost you around 3-4€, while the entire breakfast/brunch will be around 11-14€.

Oma bistro - eat in Eixample Esquerra

Closer to evening the place turns into a brew pub with a craft beer on tap and freshly made burgers with “best beef from Girona”, as they claim. Well, I should say that these burgers are really tasty, but my real love is a Veggie one.

Mismatched chairs and distressed walls make the place look like a hipster haunt, nevertheless, you can bump into all kinds of people here.

Full of light and vivid colors, the place is good for Sunday brunch with friends or pleasant co-working during the week. Though bear in mind a couple of other brunch options in the area, since the place is getting popular and it may be tough to get in for a weekend brunch.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Consell de Cent, 227, 08011 Barcelona

La Flauta

eat in La flauta in Eixample Esquerra

The locale was created twenty-five years ago with an ambitious goal to become a key restaurant in the city’s dining scene. And when you try to squeeze in there for a tasty bite, you realize that the goal is achieved at least partially, since the number of La Flauta devotees is quite impressive.

Try to get there early, so you don’t wait and it’s better to order your food up front since it is really busy and popular. The main reason, I guess is incredible value for money.

The dinner will cost you around 18 € per person but the pleasure you will get is immense. If you are looking for good tapas, this place is right for you. (oh, please don’t limit yourself only with this tapas option and find more here).

In the restaurant, you can also find different salads, omelettes, grilled seafood and meat. Accompany your food with la flauta bread, since the owners are really proud of it.

Eat in Eixample Esquerra - La Flauta

The restaurant is informal but quite elegant, the personnel is friendly but a little bit too busy. But don’t pay too much attention to the latter, concentrate on the amazing company you came with.

Where you can find it: Carrer d’Aribau, 23, 08011 Barcelona


where to eat eixample esquerra - speakeasy

Have you ever heard about speakeasy establishments? These are illicit bars, selling alcohol in prohibition era in the United States. So this is where the name of the restaurant is derived from.

The restaurant has a secret passage through the classic Dry Martini bar, and only after passing through a kitchen maze you get into this hidden upscale eatery.

The atmosphere is really exquisite, and you might feel to put on something smarter than casual.  Low lighting, light jazz and dark decorative tones create a perfect setting for a romantic dinner…so break stereotypes and drop by with a bunch of noisy friends!! (To be completely sincere being there with your couple is more enjoyable both for you and for other visitors).

The menu, that mainly touches upon Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, features such tempting options as wild mushroom ravioli with langoustine or incredibly tasty tuna tataki.

Creative combinations of different shapes, shades and textures have a lot to offer to your foodie life. Though the prices are not at all reasonable, the average dinner bill is around 47-54 € per person.

where to eat eixample esquerra - Dinner in speakeasy

And talking about the dropping by with a bunch of friends could still be the option. If you are more than  8 people the restaurant provides an option of ordering group set menus, which vary from 75€ to 154€, depending on your choice of wine and dishes.

The cheaper option is a lunch set menu for 39€.  Well… maybe it is not a place to go there on a daily basis, but you might give it a try if you are a devotee of high-end cuisine.

Where you can find it: Calle Aribau, 162, 08036 Barcelona

Paco Meralgo tavern

eat in eixample esquerra - paco meralgo

The place doesn’t correspond to a traditional concept of a tavern. The minimalist decorations, high commune tables and large windows make the place look very up to date and go very well in line with a concept of a busy city (well.. Barcelona is mainly busy enjoying life).

Here you can try elaborate and creative tapas accompanied by your favourite beverage. The selection of wine is quite wide so the aftertaste of the dinner (or lunch) will be really pleasant.

You have the option to order half portions, in case you want to try more and different. And I strongly believe you will have this desire. Such tempting words as “courgette flower with mozzarella” or “razor-shells from Finisterre” and much more, will make you lose your mind, while you will be trying to choose.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay around 28-33€ per person, but good quality tapas and vibrant atmosphere are surely worth it.

Exquisite Tapas in Paco Meralgo

This luxury tavern with a casual ambience is a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy good wine. But don’t forget to book it in advance, unless you are good friends with the owner.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Muntaner, 171, 08036 Barcelona


Eat in Eixample Esquerra, 2254 restaurant

Let me finish this review with one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. The name of the place conveys conceptual allegory of the road. You have to cover 2254 kilometres on the way from Palermo to Barcelona.

This journey represents the life and culinary way of the owner, Chef Nuncio Cona. A romantic concept of the journey on Vespa through Italian, French and Catalan Mediterranean coast is reinterpreted in recipes of the Grand Chef.

A fusion of cuisines represented in a best possible form will keep you breathless. Exquisite food decorations and sophisticated flavours and textures will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.

Eat delicious original tapas in 2254

I’m pretty sure that the chefs’ secret ambitions are floating around Michelin grade. And I strongly believe he deserves it! I know-I know…. The association which was provoked by the word “Michelin” is probably right.

Not only there is a “gourmet” connotation but also a “pricey” scent. But I believe that these high-end exquisite bites are definitely worth the price you pay, in case you consider yourself a foodie.

The restaurant offers two types of degustation menu, containing 12 dishes, with 10 plates to share between two people. The tasting menu costs 48 € or 65€ per person, depending on the one you choose.

It changes every three months, in order to please the customer best products the season can bring.

Nevertheless, you can always stick to “a la Carte” and pick a couple of things which will definitely go in line with your refined taste and end up with an approximate 38€ bill per person.

The restaurant also embraces the option of a group menu (starting from 8 people) and depending on the amount of food and type of wine it will cost you from 27€ to 50€.

Smooth music, stylish interior and friendly personnel will perform as the last touch of your hedonistic spree. The place is not at all pretentious. So if you don’t have your black smoking suit it is even better (though flip-flops are not the best idea).

Don’t expect big portions (the majority of them is tiny, to be completely honest) and booking is a must. Oh…one more thing…Deserts! Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, please don’t hesitate to have one. I guarantee you a divine pleasure!!

And as the owner claims: 2254 is a tribute to the effort and courage of those who constantly struggle to find happiness….

Where you can find it: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 335, 08007 Barcelona

O’Retorno restaurant

eat in Eixample Esquerra - Oretorno

Galician cuisine in Barcelona at it’s best. Simple decor, nothing striking really, but when you see the plates at the table next to you, your mouth starts watering immediately.

Pulpo a la gallega in Oretorno

Exquisite Octopus with potatoes but you could order anything really, you won’t be disappointed. Consider that the portions are huge!

Where you can find it: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 168, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

La Clara

La Clara - eat in Eixample Esquerra

Real nice traditional cuisine, it’s not cheap but this place is always filled with locals for they know what Mediterranean food is really like.

Catalan cuisine in La Clara

Where you can find it: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 442, 08015

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If in search of happiness you might need a couple of tips, you can find more reviews and recommendations on what to do in Barcelona and its outskirts in our blog. Explore new experiences, be demanding and be curious!

Yours, JT.

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