Where to eat in Eixample Dret

Where to eat in Eixample Dret

When my friends ask me where to eat in Eixample Dret, I usually doubt what to recommend since the number of restaurants in the area is so abundant that making a shortlist is almost impossible.

I picked the ones we find appealing due to this or that reason, don’t stop exploring the area though, almost every corner here is worth visiting. Everything depends on your mood…and your purse.

Forn Baluard

If I’m not the only person who thinks that breakfast defines your whole day, let me recommend you go to one of the best bakeries in the city.

Forn Baluard is the typical place you would see in a romantic movie, where main characters drink thick foam cappuccino with a morning newspaper.

You can enjoy freshly baked bakery right over the counter, or blend in the soft buzz and aromas of the charming cafeteria. You can have your coffee both on a cute outdoor terrace or in a spacious urban style hall. I stayed inside because I like the vibe of a busy city mixed with aromas of fresh coffee and bakeries.

Glass walls allow watching a baking performance right in front of you.  Bakers are very neat, playful…and I swear, super charismatic! It is obvious they enjoy their work, demonstrating it by the quality of bread they produce and winks and smiles they send to visitors through a glass wall.

Bread and other goodies are baked according to traditional recipes, they are eco, they are mouthwatering! Prices are tasty too.

I would start every morning there if only I had a slight chance not to turn into plump hampster with multiple rolls.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Baluard, 38, 08003 Barcelona

Cerveceria Catalana

Cerveceria Catalana

While making where-to-eat shortlists, I always tend to omit “touristic” places, because the majority of visitors strive for “local” experience. But in the heart of a cosmopolitan city with so many people striving for the authentic stuff, it’s getting almost impossible.

Cerveceria Catalana is a very popular spot both among locals and visitors. You should be really lucky to be seated right away during a lunch or dinner time. Usually, you have to wait from ten to fifteen minutes (I’m being really optimistic). They don’t make advance bookings so you will have to put your name on the waiting list.

This is not typical tiny tapas bar, and you will see it as soon as you enter. The place is grandiose and modern with high ceilings and a  lot of light.

You might be interested to sit outside, but the waiting list for the terrace is usually longer and, to be completely sincere, it is not the best terrace in the city.

Having tapas is not only gourmet but also a social experience. Especially, if you are alone, crawl up the bar stool and place yourself right in front of the counter. Thus, you will make it clear what tapas you want to try and also will have the chance to chat with friendly personnel and people sitting around you.

As the name suggests (“Cerveceria: means a beer house in Spanish) the bar has a plenty of good beers. It’s for you to choose whether you want a draft beer, or select from a wide list of premium imported ones.

As for food, here you can find all the tapas typical of Catalunya: tortilla, cod, anchovies, grilled green peppers, “Bravas” potatoes, little squids, pork sausage. Yes, my gentle reader, this is authentic Spanish food. It might sound too simple and not too interesting, but I promise the quality of products and the way they are cooked makes these simple things worth trying.

Montadito with beef in Cerveceria Catalana

And you can always pick something less “local” and more appealing. In my case, it was burrata and little sirloin with foie.

They also have a good choice of salads and all these montaditos: a little piece of bread with a variety of toppings, from Iberian ham to crispy camembert. Always ask for the menu of the day, they usually have chief’s recommendations with the best the season offers.

For this area and for the quality of food the price is just fine, but compared with other tapas bars, it might seem a bit higher than average.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona

La Muscleria

La Muscleria - Eat in Eixample Dret

If you are fond of muscles, that’s the place you should definitely consider. You should not be too good in deductive reasoning to understand that guys specialize in muscles.

This restaurant offers a large selection of mussels prepared any possible way.  They are served in a huge pot so one portion is enough for a tasty lunch. Or share it with you a partner and fetch fried sardines or a fresh salad as well.

Mussels in La Muscleria

Actually, even if you are not a fan of mussels and was dragged there by your friend, you would still have options not to stay hungry. Variety of seafood, salads, and fish and different marvels of local cuisine are at your disposition too.

The orange decor is a little odd but it is compensated by inexpensive wine, reasonable prices, and generous portions.  Call ahead and reserve a table outside.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Mallorca, 290, 08037 Barcelona

El Nacional

El Nacional - where to eat in Eixample Dret

Does it sound like a touristic place? Well, it is. But who said it is not worth visiting. International cool crowd flocks under the shelter of multi-zone culinary space which embraces different and unique types of cuisine.

The space is grandiose, it’s divided into 4 areas, with restaurants and bars: a meat restaurant La Braseria, a tapas and fish restaurant called la Taperia, a Fish restaurant that is la Llotja and a fast deli restaurant.

There is a cool oyster bar at the back and several bars in the middle with high stools tasty cocktails, beers, and wine. You can also get there tapas, cured meats, and variety of cheeses. There is another little spot with tasty ice creams and other sweeties right at the entrance.

Our choice is Braseria – a meat restaurant with juicy stakes and local sausages. There is also a variablу part of the menu, depending on the season. I sold my soul for a potato foam with mushrooms, foie and truffle seasoning.

The meat is cooked on the charcoal grill or on a wood-fired oven and a griddle.

Service here is spectacularly fast, an added bonus in a city where the service usually doesn’t exceed the pace of a snail.

If you don’t book in advance, you will have to wait, but the waiting is quite pleasant in one of the bars in the middle. And afterward, you will have a very pleasant experience in terms of service. Most of the waiters/waitresses speak English and are very friendly.

El Nacional - cava for dinner tonight

As for prices, you shouldn’t expect a miracle here. But you pay for what you get: beautiful surrounding, tasty and quality food and attentive service.

Drop by the bathroom, the light is perfect to make toilet selfies there!

Where you can find it: Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona

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Enjoy Barcelona and never give up exploring!

Yours, JT.

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