What to do on Saint Valentine in Barcelona

Saint Valentine in Barcelona

Got lucky to be in Barcelona for St. Valentine’s day? Do you fancy a romantic dinner with your couple? Go ahead, Barcelona has a plethora of restaurants for all shapes and shades… But why don’t you be original this time??? Let’s do something that only Barcelona setting could offer.

As Barcelona lover and reckless hedonist, I’m willing to share a bunch of easy tips how to spice up your St. Valentine’s.


Fetch a couple of blankets, a bottle of white wine (red, sparkling), get some fresh fruits from the oodles of great city markets, ask a neat and smiley gentlemen at Jamoneria to slice 100 g of Jamon Iberico for you, buy some led candles in Ikea (or any Chinese shop), take a wireless speaker (ideally!) and prepare a good playlist on your phone (not too cheesy, please).

Picnic in Park Labyrinth

You have several options to head to with this smoochy set.


Beach party

One of Barcelona’s beaches. Pick Bogatell or Nova Icaria. When the sun goes down, hardly can you find anyone there especially this time of the year. Don’t go to Barceloneta, your romantic mood will be spoilt by irritating sounds of commercial music from nearby clubs and annoying «salesmen», offering beer, weed and anything you could ever imagine.

picnic in port of barcelona


Get High

Tibidabo mountain. It’s a little bit hard to get there, most probably you will have to get the taxi, but the view of the night city decorated with lights will take your breath away. Though it is possible to bump into other couples. Many locals use this place to let their passionate spirit go.

Tibidabo mountain views


Park lovers

A city park could also a good option for a romantic picnic. But I recommend doing it during the day when you can yield to a playful sun and have a free evening afterwards to go to an all-to-common restaurant.  Check a list of recommended parks here.

Top parks in Barcelona


Summer Terrace

Barcelona has a lot of terraces with a view, the majority of them are crowded in Summer, but in winter either closed or empty.  You can check a couple of them here if you feel like having a splendid drink with a view. Nevertheless, a terrace in Barcelo Raval Hotel, with 360 views is open but empty. If you are crazy enough you can go there and check it out…if you know what I mean:)

Top terraces with views Barcelona



Go to a jazz concert or any concert you and your couple find appealing. For example in Jamboree night club on St. Valentine’s Ángela Furquet will attempt ‘to connect aspects of folklore with delicate jazz and sounds with Latin American roots’. To be completely honest, I don’t have the slightest idea who Angela is. But it should be good since Jamboree usually hosts quite decent artists. Check more info about Jamboree and other night clubs in the Gothic district following the link below.

Jamboree and nightlife in Gothic centre


If you are weird psychopath you might like going to Cabaret Maldito (Circus of Horrors) at Port Vell, where you are supposed to be ‘scared and entertained’ at once. If your couple leaves you afterwards, well.. at least you were original!



Get lost in Barrio Gotico with its sophisticated surroundings and street musicians. Dance to the sounds of the music, they play and don’t give a thing on what happens around. Isn’t it romantic?



Attend cosy Vinaterias, with its low ceilings and deemed light… be creative and feel the spirit of the city.

Wine bars and vinotecas Barcelona

Barcelona is a genuinely magical city so… go with the flow.

P.S. All these options are also possible if you spend St. Valentine’s alone… what could be better, than being in love with yourself!! Don’t forget to pamper yourself with expensive present and good spa.

coffee and barcelona beach in winter

Yours, JT

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