Weather in Barcelona

Seasons and weather in Barcelona

You want to visit Barcelona but don’t know which season is better for vacations? Or maybe you think that this city is most comfortable only during the summer time?

We would like to assure you: Barcelona is great for visiting the entire year!

Each season here has its own pleasant bonuses while mild Mediterranean climate makes Barcelona sunny and warm almost every day.

Spring in Barcelona

Spring in the city - Montjuic

Perfect time for city tourism: blooming Barcelona becomes a romantic place for walking around, having lunch outside sitting in one of the terraces with views and enjoying the sunset.

360 terrace with terrific views overlooking Barcelona

The weather is really comfortable this time of a year – not too hot, not too cold (Barcelona is never too cold, though).

Moreover, you have an opportunity to take part in one of the most authentic Catalan holidays – Diada de Sant Jordi, a local version of St. Valentine’s Day.

It is celebrated on 23th of April and all streets and squares are full of roses and book stands (typical gifts for this holiday).

Later in May Barcelona hosts annual music festival Primavera Sound which is one of the biggest and most popular events in Europe offering innovative line-up every year.

Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona

Temperature: March (15Cº/59ºF), April (17ºC/62ºF), May (23ºC/73ºF)

Summer in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona

Summertime is still the most popular vacation time, especially in Barcelona. No wonder! It is a city situated on the sea shore and people are glad to combine beach vacation, sightseeing, and dynamic nightlife.

Summer Barcelona is a non-stop fiesta: bars and restaurants with the terraces, nightclubs and beach parties, famous Sonar music festival and lots of other things to do.

The weather is warm and during July and August, it’s getting hotter due to the high humidity and long sunny days. Luckily, there are lots of top beaches in Barcelona and proximities.

Top beaches in Barcelona and its outskirts

Besides, several big Catalan holidays take place during summer months. One of them is Sant Joan’s night, also known as a night of fireworks.

Night of fire in Barcelona

Another huge and important festival is Festa Major de Grácia with its street decorations and entertainments.

Fiestas Major de Gracia in Barcelona

Temperature: June (25ºC/77ºF), July (29ºC/84ºF), August (30ºC/86ºF)


Autumn square in barcelona Universidad

Starting from September the heat in the city goes down, there are a few people on the streets, the museum lines are shorter and you can finally discover non-tourist Barcelona.

It is a really pleasant time to visit Catalan capital. Even though it’s a bit rainy some days, there are hundreds of things to do on a rainy day.

La Mercé is a holiday of city’s patron. Art, concerts, traditional events and street festivals with fireworks, Castellers, and parades – must see!

La Merce celebrations in Barcelona

Temperature: September (26ºC/78ºF), October (24ºC/75ºF), November (14ºC/57ºF)


winter sun in barcelona

Don’t be afraid to take vacations in winter season because Barcelona climate is quite mild and the prices are quite low at the same time.

Winters here are short, sometimes it’s raining and rarely snowing(like once in the decade or less). If you want to enjoy calm and peaceful Barcelona without thousands of tourists occupying the city centre, then it’s your time.

You have a perfect chance to enjoy Catalan Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Christmas and New Years Eve in Barcelona like a local

Or either get surprised by discovering Barcelona’s secret spots.

10 secret spots in Barcelona

And, of course, have fun on our cheap bars route even in winter.

our version of cheap bars route in Barcelona

You could also make surf if you get lucky enough to have the right wind.

Winter surfing in Barcelona

Temperature: December (14ºC/57ºF), January (13ºC/55ºF), February (14ºC/57ºF)

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