VO cinemas in Barcelona, watch your favourite movie in original version

original version cinemas in barcelona

In this article, you will learn where to find best cinemas and watch movies in original version (with subtitles) in Barcelona.

I don’t know why you could be interested in going to the cinema, while there is so much to be discovered in Barcelona, but hey, there’s about 30 to 40 rainy days a year, and if you’re lucky enough to catch them, this article is also for you.

As for the warm summer evenings, there’s an article by Mikhail dedicated to open-air cinemas in Barcelona, feel free to check it.

Now, get ready to learn about the solid VO cinemas in the city and try to figure which one is in line with your taste.

Yelmo Icaria

VO cinema Yelmo Icaria

This is the biggest and the most popular cinema in Barcelona.

Yelmo Cinema has 15 screens which show movies in the original language in 2D and 3D formats with Spanish subtitles.

The price for one adult ticket is €8.60, while the ticket for children under 12 costs €6,80.

During Cinema days you can get the ticket with a special rate which is really a good bargain.

The cinema is located in a Centre Vila shopping centre, which embraces a number of restaurants, cafes and a supermarket for your convenience.

The nearest metro station is Cuitadellla Vila Olimpica and the exact address is Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 61, 08005, Barcelona.

Check their website in order to find an appealing movie: www.yelmocines.es/cartelera/barcelona/yelmo-cines-icaria

Filmoteca de Catalunya

VO movies - Filmoteca Catalunya

This cinema shows modern and classic movies all over the world in their original language with Catalan subtitles.

Special themes are also a very typical thing for this cinema.

For example, a week of Werner Herzog’s or Woody Allen’s movies, or American movies of 60’s and many more interesting ideas devoted to a good cinematography.

The adult ticket costs €4, while the student’s ticket or a special rate ticket is one euro cheaper.

I don’t know if the website could be of any use for you since it is in Catalan, but here it is: www.filmoteca.cat

And this is where you can find the cinema itself: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9, 08001 Barcelona

Ciné Melies

VO cinemas - Melies

This tiny and pretty cinema has only two screens.

It positions its movies as special ones, which are not adjusted to a mass market.

So if you are a devoted movie lover, a secret psychopath or a hipster you will definitely like this cinema with a touch of an art house.

All the movies, whether contemporary or classic are shown in its original language with Spanish subtitles.

The cheapest price for a ticket is on Monday, which is €4. All the other days it varies among €4 and €7. Check what’s on at their official website: http://www.meliescinemes.com/

And this is where you can find a cinema: Carrer de Villarroel, 102, 08011, Barcelona

Renoir Cinema (Floridablanca, Les Corts)

VO cinema Renoir

There are two Renoir cinemas in Barcelona. Both show movies in original language with Spanish subtitles.

Renoir Floridablanca embraces seven screens, while the cinema in Les Corts six.

These both cinemas is another hub for people, who think that they don’t belong to mass market devotees.

Renoir Cinemas show art house contemporary movies in pleasant surroundings of nerdy weirdoes.

The ticket price from Monday to Friday is €7, at weekends and festive days it is €8,20. This is where you can find the cinemas:

Renoir Floridablanca: Calle Floridablanca, 135, 08015 Barcelona

Renoir Les Corts: Calle Eugeni d’Ors, 12, 08028 Barcelona

Check out their website in order to pick a good movie: www.cinesrenoir.com

Tickets can be purchased online or on site.

Cinemes Girona

VO cinema - Girona

A small art house cinema which embraces three screens shows movies in the original version with Spanish subtitles in 2D and 3D formats.

The cinema is mainly specialised in new releases unless it devotes a week to a specific theme.

The pricing system is a little bit wired: it is €7 for an adult ticket, though on Wednesdays and for people over 65 it is €6,50.

Most probably managers have their own reasoning for this kind of pricing. The ticket may be bought both at the cinema and online.

Here is the website: www.cinemesgirona.cat and a physical location: Girona 175, 08025, Barcelona

Cines Verdi

VO cinema - Verdi

This five-screen cinema with a laidback vibe is a place for cool kids. On the menu, there is always a different variety of movie genres, starting from newly released actions up to wired art house.

Art house prevails, though. Movies are shown in VO with Spanish subtitles.

The website is super user-friendly and it is available in English: www.cines-verdi.com/barcelona/cartelera/.

A ticket costs around €8, from Monday to Friday, morning shows cost €6 аnd on Mondays, €4.90. The tickets are bought in the cinema.

Find it: Carrer de Verdi 32, 08012, Barcelona.


VO cinema phenomena

This cinema is an ultimate experience for a movie lover. I don’t wanna say much more about it, you just have to go and see for yourself.

Comfortable seats where you could forget about the time, brilliant sound and picture quality and a huge popcorn basket would add up to your experience.

One important tip, if it’s a movie premiere or a weekend session, you could consider showing up early because the tickets appear to not have any number and you could basically take any seat you’d manage.

Early bird gets the worm, as easy as that. You could check the agenda and buy tickets online on the official website http://www.phenomena-experience.com/.

The agenda represents a mix of the latest movies with the classic and vintage, sometimes also offering the most popular animated movies.

To get there easily check first its location, there’s a couple of metro stops nearby C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168

Find all reviewed cinemas on the map

Spice Barcelona up with new sensations from a good movie. And let your presence in this beautiful city be turned into a good movie too.

Feel the vibe and let yourself merge with it!

Yours, JT.

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