Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Top Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

When you’re new to the city, It’s hard to figure out quickly if the restaurant worth your attention especially if it’s something specific, so I curated the list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. I walked door to door through these places to see what’s there to eat and drink. And let me tell you, vegan or not, you won’t leave disappointed after eating in one of these restaurants.

Let’s start our Green Route.


Vegetalia vegetarian Barcelona

Vegetalia is a chain of veggie restaurants in Barcelona. Not too exciting from design and atmosphere perspective (though colourful and energised), but surprisingly good in the selection of vegetarian food.

There are three Vegetalias in town: in Gotico, in Born and in Raval. In Gotico the place is located on a very touristic square, so if you decide to sit outside, a number of street wannabe musicians will be bothering you asking for money, for the show you never wanted (the majority is really annoying!).

In Born district, it is always too busy, so I recommend visiting one in Raval. They have a really pretty terrace, located on a calm street and surrounded by sophisticatedly decorated ancient walls and a mystic spirit of the barrio.

The house supports a concept of slow food movement and sustainability. Vegetables are grown in a local organic garden; most probably that is why the food here is so yummy!

Selection of food embraces both local dishes and oversees delights. Daily set menus vary between 7-11€. Here you can choose homemade cakes and exotically mixed juices both for your psychological and physical health.

Eat vegan and vegetarian - Vegetalia

Fetch a homemade ice tea, or a glass of ecological wine from the region; it’s really refreshing and enjoyable!

The kitchen is opened all day… which is not easy to find in Barcelona.

Where you can find it: Plaça Emili Vendrell, 1, 08001 Barcelona

EL Café Blueproject

El cafe Blue Project vegetarian Barcelona

This place positions itself as a “raw food restaurant”, which conveys a philosophy of sustainable living for people and nature. The menu changes every week in order to provide a customer with the best the season can bring.

The cafe is really fascinating. Honestly, before I couldn’t believe the veggies can enjoy food as much as cruel predators. But after visiting The blue project  I am completely reassured, that a veggie’s life is full of gourmet delights! The food has an endless number of textures, colours and flavours.

And here comes the most interesting part! This café is a part of BlueProject Foundation of Contemporary Art. So you can wander around a gallery and enjoy the scent of the artistic air.

The café itself is decorated with a good taste. Smooth light and plants all over the place make you feel at home. To complement this feeling, fetch a book from a bookshelf provided while sipping you super fresh and healthy mix…or wine with no sulphates, or (attention!) organic gin tonic!!

What an amazing place –  you drink and get healthier!  As friendly personnel promises on your way out: Now you are energy boosted and vitalized!!

Where you can find it: Calle Princesa 57 bis, 08003 Barcelona

Petit brot

Petit Brot vegetarian Barcelona

Wandering around Raval district, drop by this organiс cold – pressed juice and smoothies bar.

Run by sustainability devotees, the Petit Brot is not only a place with 100% organic food, it is also a place created by using bio-construction techniques, with non-toxic paint and bamboo floor.

When personnel was explaining it to me, I realised that I don’t want to come back home, since my little flat is an apotheosis of toxicity in comparison with this cafe.

Therefore, despite the takeaway option café provides, do your best to spend there as much time as you can enjoying fresh juicy elixirs and breathing in non-toxic air. The place is little but it definitely has a special vibe.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10, 08001 Barcelona

Cat bar

Cat bar vegetarian Barcelona

A veggie place with good burgers and craft beer? Isn’t it an oxymoron? Not anymore. Drop by this amazing bar with inviting atmosphere and friendly personnel.

The owner is a British guy, so he managed to learn the ropes with beer and burgers. Honestly! How these veggie burgers can be so delicious?! I was trying to make the owner confess… He never did! Not only burgers but veggie tortillas and quiche (and again secret recipe!) will take control over your weak resistance.

If you are lucky you may bump into a live jazz band, playing right in the middle of the bar. These guys know how to fill the atmosphere with vibrant sounds and wake up a naughty hedonist in you… (Well… Maybe only in me).

The portions are huge and prices are very affordable. A funny cat-clock will be keeping an eye on you, while you will be sipping ecological beer in this rare bar in Born.

All-day breakfast option could never be so appealing! In Barcelona, you never know when you start your day…and where you finish it!

Where you can find it: Carrer de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona


Sesamo vegetarian Barcelona

Puff pastry rolls filled with feta cheese and spinach or Semi-cured manchego cheese with sundried tomatoes and Arbequina olives and many more veggie little things can be found in this cosy and intimate restaurant in Raval area.

If you are hesitant in your choice, go for a tasting menu, this is how you will manage to taste best delights the restaurant embraces. It will cost you 25 €, but I believe it is worth it since food is fresh, tasty and of a good quality…and beautifully decorated too.

Accompany your food with a bottle of wine, the selection is quite good (I haven’t figured whether a diligent veggie can drink alcohol).

The Argentinian chef, creative, friendly and up-to-date guy, managed to make this place really popular not only among veggies but also among devoted foodies. The place is quite small, so make sure you book a table since it is packed almost every night.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat, 52, 08001 Barcelona


Maoz vegetarian Barcelona

Let’s talk about the vegetarian street food. Drop by this salad bar on your way to Plaza de Jaume I or to Gotic Catedral (“Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia de Barcelona” – this is the official name, in case you didn’t get what I mean) or any other pretty corner of Barcelona.

Maoz is a chain of salad bars, specialised in falafels and pitas. Friendly and helpful personnel is eager to assist you to figure out what is that you really want.

And here goes your creativity part. As far as you get your pita (whole wheat or white) you can stuff in any type of filling from a pretty fresh and quite abundant salad buffet….And as much as you are able to stuff in!

Don’t lose control, otherwise, you would feel like an animal… herbivorous of course!

The pita will cost you around 4 € and the joy you will receive is priceless!

Where you can find it: Carrer de Ferran, 13, 08002 Barcelona

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

This tiny bar with very intimate and relaxed atmosphere has just taken my heart. You will find the seating in accordance with your mood, be it a high table with stools, a relaxed couch with a small coffee table or just the usual restaurant seating.

In the evening, you will certainly find yourself relaxed and romantic thanks to the dim lights, candles and warm colors of the interiors.

The kitchen stroke me with quite a diversity of vegan eats, many of them I’ve seen or heard of for the first time. On Thursdays, you could order a delicious paella with shrimps and prawns (I have no idea if the seafood was real, but this paella looked amazing!).

zucchini pasta with dried tomato

I’ve restricted myself to a fresh zucchini pasta with dried tomatoes sauce and nuts accompanied with hot and delicious “vegan aliens”.

BarCeloneta - vegan and vegetarian bars in Barcelona

Try this place if you’re around Barceloneta, it’s definitely a good choice for a vegan dinner.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Sevilla, 70, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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Hopefully, now you will manage to have a proper fresh and green bite in the city.

There are so many things to discover in this versatile and unique city, go ahead and check more about Barcelona in our blog. And thumbs up, if you liked this article.

Yours, JT

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