Top Vermouth bars in Barcelona

Top vermouth bars in barcelona

By far one of the most demanded Sunday brunch drinks in Barcelona, Vermouth’s use could be extended to any day of the week! Learn where to find Vermouth bars in Barcelona you’d seriously love.

LAST UPDATED 10/03/2017

If refreshing sangria doesn’t thrill you anymore, craft beer bars route was conquered yesterday and Catalan wine doesn’t seem as exquisite as you thought…

Well, even if it is all false and you still find a vast pleasure in these three, don’t hesitate to discover booze that locals adore. Vermouth… dry or sweet, dark or white… you will definitely find one that appeals to your taste. There is even have a special hour for vermouth, which starts around late morning and never ends.

Fashion is very cyclic, even in food and drinks. Having 100 years of history and tradition, vermouth is officially back in Spain in general and in Barcelona in particular.

Following this tendency, many bars and restaurants in the city expanded their menus with a vermouth selection. You can even bump into the entire bars devoted to this aromatic beverage.

Have a look at the list I prepared for you, and figure the place where you want to enjoy good vermouth in a good company.

Let’s get started with our Top Vermouth Bars route.


bormuth vermouth barcelona

Bormuth is a cosy little bar in Born area. As the bartender explained Born + Vermouth merge in a playful haze, where the name of the bar appears (my deductive reasoning was not enough to figure it since I am a blond).

The bar has a really good price-quality ratio, taking in fact, that the area is getting really touristic.

The ambience is lively and energetic (this is how I am trying to say that there are many locals, talking all at the same time, managing to understand each other).

The place is specialised in tap vermouths with a price range 2-3 Е per portion. Sip your aromatic drink and eavesdrop the way your tapas are getting ready (you have a chance since the kitchen is open).

By the way, selection of tapas here is very abundant. Nothing super unique but really tasty and goes well with vermouth… Oh… You made the first sip and you can not keep your face from expressing a hideous grimace??

I guess vermouth is not your cup of tea. I have good news for you, though. The place features local craft beers and a good selection of wine.

They even have ale which is really hard to find in Barcelona! So even if you are not a vermouth lover, give a chance to the place, you should not be disappointed.

Where you can find it: Plaça Comercial, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Bar Seco

seco barcelona vermouth

The Seco is another cosy bar where you can take an advantage of Vermouth hour and life-loving attitude of Spaniards.

You drink will be accompanied by organic snacks and tapas since the bar positions itself as a slow food movement activist. Isn’t it wonderful to drink vermouth, with an idea that sustainable food compensates the effect of alcoholic harm?!

However, if you are one of those, who believe that only pleasures and well-being are accompanied by a tipsy spree, don’t hesitate to try all types of vermouths the bar embraces.

You may choose to sit on the terrace in the fresh air and deceive tricky inebriation. Only make sure that it doesn’t turn out more insidious than you.

Where you can find it: Passeig Del Montjuic 74, 08004  Barcelona

Colibri bar

colibri vermouth barcelona

Wandering around Raval district, don’t hesitate to drop by a funky and joyful Colibri bar.

For romantics and good old days lovers, this is the right place to be.  Vintage environment complemented by friendly service will definitely make your day (or night).

Climb a high colourful bar stool and get ready for gastronomic pleasures. The cuisine is Mediterranean, so pick a bite from an excellent selection of tapas the bar features.

Don’t forget to accompany it with good vermouth. Therefore, think twice before drinking it the whole night, since a great variety of wines, gins and other sexy spirits shouldn’ t be neglected here too.

Chat with a stranger next to you, who knows maybe you will get a good recommendation on another good place to drink vermouth…. Or something more exotic.

Where you can find it: Calle de la Riera Alta, 33, 08001 Barcelona

Morro Fi

morro fi barcelona vermouth

Locals say it the best place to try vermouth.  And I can’t agree more. Run by hedonism experts, Morro Fi has its own line of vermouths.

As the owner says, produced with love for original ritual and a fresh style, this spirit will make you fell vibrant energy and a rebellious nature of your young heart. What a poetic guy!

Nevertheless, the growing popularity of local vermouth may be judged due to its proliferation across the city and at all kinds of events and a jam- packed venue by noon.

Oh, and their tapas! You wish they served such yummy bites everywhere. Nothing too sophisticated, but fresh and tasty.

The price is really reasonable too, especially taking in the fact that the bar is right at Example.

Hip bartenders smile and make you drinks to funky music rhythms. This is the moment, when you realise, that Spanish people know how to enjoy life. So, join and enjoy!

Where you can find it: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 171, 08015 Barcelona

Gran Bodega Saltó

bar vermouth salto barcelona

The bar was one of the pioneers to convert Poble Sec into a bohemian district. From the first sight, the place looks a little bit dusty.

Maybe due to heavily tattooed regulars or slightly weird decorations including stuffed toys and plastic flowers. Stay away if you are looking for a chic vermouth bar and allergic to the rude charm of ultra-hip locals.

Nevertheless, if you want to get drunk like there is no tomorrow, it is a perfect place to be. The bar has the abundant selection of spirits for all tastes and moods.

And as the word “bodega” suggests you will find a wide choice of wines and vermouths as well. Though the place is booze-oriented, don’t deprive yourself of a couple of good tapas.

It would be hard to describe a typical customer of the place, though. Groups of friends, couples, people of very different age groups and social statuses.

Maybe that is why a place is so charming and unique in its own way – you can meet people of all shapes and shades.

From time to time the place hosts local bands, flushing the air with live rumba sounds. Dance and clap your hands in a tipsy spree. It is really pleasant!

Where you can find it: Carrer de Blesa, 36, 08004 Barcelona

El Chigre Barcelona

Vermouth in Barcelona - Chigre

This sidreria/vermuteria bar is located in trendy Born district, just steps from Passeig del Born and Santa Maria del Mar cathedral.

It’s somewhat hidden from the eye, but easy to find when you’ve located it on the map(see the map below!). It’s a very cosy and moody place with its own atmosphere and views to the ancient walls of Santa Maria del Mar.

Local vermouth in Chigre restaurant

On the weekends, it could be tricky to get inside, but don’t worry too much if you just had a last minute idea to pamper yourself with a vermouth accompanied by a couple of fresh oysters.

The friendly and helpful staff of this place will go head over heels to find you a table and offer you a drink while waiting.

Menu looks quite interesting, with an ample offer of seafood and fresh fish, which works just great with spicy vermouth or light and bubbling apple cider.

In regards to vermouths, you will have to choose from 5 different types on tap, so choose wisely!


Check our map with all places pinned!

Make your Sunday vermouth happen even if it’s Monday or Tuesday and don’t forget that there is so much more about Barcelona in our blog. And let your stay be unforgettable!



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