Top open-air cinemas in Barcelona

Top open-air cinemas in Barcelona

You would probably know to name top cinemas with subtitles in the city but who really wants to spend 2 or more hours in under the air conditioning, when you never know if you’re getting cold?

Especially when the weather is warm and the air is full of pine and floral aromas, nitid, romantic and welcoming? (Anyway, you could still check Julia’s article on top VO cinemas in Barcelona)

This is our guide to open-air cinemas of this summer.

Sala Montjuic, an open-air cinema with views to the city

open-air cinema montjuic

Montjuic open-air cinema is being an icon of open-air cinemas in Barcelona for the last few years. I don’t know locals who haven’t heard about Sala Montjuic or haven’t been there at least once and most of them actually loved it.

It starts on the 1st of July and the last session is on 5th of August.

Even location of Sala Montjuic is pretty much unique, set in the middle of gardens and pine forests, close to the Castle of Montjuic. In fact, the screen is installed on one of the castle’s walls so it adds up a lot to the overall atmosphere.

Mosquitos are also invited to the sessions and they’re having a free entrance so I will definitely recommend taking anti-mosquito sprays and balms.

Good weather in July and August in Barcelona is almost guaranteed but it’s slightly colder up there than in the city center. Don’t forget to take shirts, jackets or warm plaids to keep you warm.

You could bring your chairs unless it’s too high, it should not disturb the other spectators. The other option is hiring one for as much as 3 euros additionally to 6 euros for the ticket.

You also could and should bring your own food and drinks. Is there any better plan than a picnic with your lady or friends watching a good movie accompanied by a bottle of local wine with bread and hard cheese?

Also, there’s always a small warming up concert before the movie so you could jump into the right mood and disconnect from the city’s noises.

This summer’s agenda is

The Next Skin on 30th of June 2017

La-La Land on 5th of July (a handsome guy here!)

The Revenant on 7th of July (Leonardo at his best)

Spotlight on 12th of July

The apartment on 14th of July (Some solid classics)

Captain Fantastic on 19th of July (The cutest!)

The Hateful Eight on 21st of July (A must!)

Omar on 26th of July (Academy Award nominee)

The General on 28th of July (accompanied by OSV Chamber Orchestra)

Mustang on 31st of July

Manhattan on 2nd of August

Surprise film on 4th of August (Never know!)

Check the full detailed program on Sala Montjuic official website.

Getting there

You could get to Sala Montjuic by shuttle bus from Plaza Espanya from 20:15 to 21:30, using Montjuic Funicular from Metro Parallel(you’d still have to walk up the hill for like 10 minutes) or just walk your way up to the location.

Cinema Lliure, an open-air cinema on the beach

cinema lliure barceloneta

This open-air cinema is free of charge meaning you have to be quick enough to get the sweet spot in the front row. It’s dedicated to alternative movies and located on San Sebastian beach of Barceloneta.

Take the rugs, anti-mosquito sprays and your favorite bottle of wine accompanied with cheese, olives and other local snacks. Later evening it’s getting quite cold due to the humidity so a plaid or a sweater could be a necessity.

The program is very thrilling and the location is just perfect for the chilly summer evening beneath the sea with your picnic.

Movies are subtitled and most of them are of local production, with Spanish or Catalan voice, except for the “Sing Street” on July 27th, which seems to be an interesting option, considering the soundtrack by The Cure, Duran Duran, A-ha, etc..Highly recommended!

Getting there

It’s easy to find, just follow Passeig de Joan de Borbo to Barceloneta until you see the screen and people around or CNAB gym just in front of it, whatever comes first.

CCCB, an open-air cinema in unique location

CCCB cinema

Gandules is celebrated in August and has quite an intense schedule if you’d want to attend all of the movies. This year’s program is fully dedicated to women who fight the stereotypes(thanks, God!) and includes

I’m no angel, on 8th of August

Johnny Guitar, on 9th of August

The Big City, on 10th of August

Basic Instinct, on 15th of August

Mommy, on 16th of August (French VO with Spanish subs)

Girlhood, on 17th of August

Street of Shame, on 22nd of August

The Bride Wore Black, 23nd of August (French track with Catalan subtitles!)

Born to suffer, 24th of August

Getting there

A session usually starts at 22:00 at Pati de les Dones in CCCB and moves to the Hall in a case of rain.

All sessions are free and it’s quite a great opportunity to refresh the old and forgotten or see something new and unexpected.

Take your beach hammocks, picnics, and prepare to enjoy this open-air summer in Barcelona!

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Best, Mik.

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