Top Barcelona Parks

Parks and picnic spots in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of shapes and shades. And one of them is inviting freshness and unique geometry of parks and gardens. Don’t hesitate to set up an alternative lunch in one of them.

Prepare sandwiches, cut fruits, fetch a bottle of fizz, choose one of the places in the list we created for you and enjoy your healthy(or not so) lunch.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc Ciutadella in Barcelona - Central Park

You might be already tired of the abundance of attractions Barcelona embraces if so, go and organise a relaxing picnic in the Ciutadella park.

There is a plenty of a green space to spread your rug and spread yourself. Take out tasty bites you find in your bag, (I hope you are a guru of forward-planning) and enjoy the occasional breeze and a good company.

Nevertheless, if you visit this park for the first time, you might be thrilled to wander around to see spots of interest the park features. Most probably the most recognisable is a beautiful waterfall designed by Josep Fontsere and his apprentice at that time, Antoni Gaudi.

Ciutadella Park - waterfall

Nearby you can find a statue “ La Dama de Paraigües”, showing a lady holding her umbrella in a skittish manner and a giant mammoth statue, which is really giant!

Ciutadella Park - Mammoth statue

Such spots as geological and zoological museums, the military chapel, the Governor’s palace, the headquarters of the Parliament of Catalonia, which earlier was the arsenal building may as well appeal to your interest and curiosity.

Rent a boat to float around the lake or find people frozen up in a ridiculous yoga position taking advantage of open air space and doing their routine exercises. Street musicians, dancing people and many more things may attract your attention.

Parc Ciutadella - monuments and trees

I would say it is one of the most famous parks in Barcelona, so if your goal is to escape there from crowds, in summer months or on the weekends it could be almost impossible. Nonetheless, it’s a great place for a picnic or spending a day with the kids.

Where you can find it: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona

Parc de Montjuïc

Parks of Montjuic

This park is another example of how you can combine a picnic with sightseeing.

The park is huge and it embraces such museums as the Fundació Miró, the Museu d’Arqueologia, the Museu Etnològic and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya-MNAC.

The latter, besides being a home to Catalan art, is a masterpiece itself. It is housed in Palau Nacional which is a beautiful example of Spanish Renaissance architecture with a touch of academic classicism.

MNAC museum

If you are not a big fan of architecture, or just can’t wait to spread your rag, you have to move away from the main attractions and crowds of tourists.

Stroll towards beautiful tall trees, promising you saving freshness and don’t hesitate to explore curvy paths – you will definitely come across a perfect spot for your unforgettable picnic. Needless to say about picturesque views Montjuic features!

Views from Park de Montjuic

By the way, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is famous for its evening shows, when music and colourful light merge to the rhythm of your heartbeat…

Magic fountains of Montjuic

A little bit exaggerated? Yes, you might be right…But it could be true if there wouldn’t be too many people around, breathing or, God forbid! smoking at your back…

Therefore, in case you decide to combine the light show with a picnic, it might be really challenging. So do one at a time!

Where you can find it: Avenida Françesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 7, Barcelona

Parc Güell

views from Park Guell

It turns out that there is no park in Barcelona where you can escape from sightseeing. Especially here! Though the park is much bigger than you can imagine and it is not limited to Gaudi playful works, you should not miss the chance to admire them all.

Top Barcelona Parks - Park Guell's worksI wouldn’t dare to bother you with my long descriptions of the uniqueness of each one; you can see everything with your own eyes. I just want to let you know, that Mr Gaudi made sure, you would be lost in reality of kinky shapes and sophisticated forms of a landscape.Top Barcelona Parks - Park Guell's works

One more reason the park is so popular is the beauty of the panoramic views of the city it embraces.

Park Guell - city views

If you try hard and look for the spot rigorously, the award will be as pleasant as the way to it: a great spot to stretch your rag, breathtaking view on the city, tasty supplies in your bag. Or use the public benches and tables conveniently placed just around the corner.

Park Guell - picnic tables and benches

Needless to have a deductive reasoning to assume that you won’t be the only person having your picnic there. Let’s hope you will have a pleasant company nearby! So enjoy your big international picnic!

Where you can find it: Carrer de Marianao, 1, 008024, Barcelona

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Park Laberint Horta

Have you heard about this park before?

Maybe not, and this is a good sign since you are not the only one. Or maybe you did but realised that it is not as centric as human’s lazy nature wants it to be. What I am driving at, is that despite the beauty, the park is not very well known and therefore is quite empty most of the time.

That is why here you can find what you are looking for such type of places: tranquility and relaxing atmosphere. By the way, the park is easily accessible by metro, and the journey is not at all long from the centre.

The park, the former estate of Desvalls family, (the guy was involved in science, in case you are interested), was turned into a garden-museum and opened to the public.

As the name suggests, you may get lost in the curves of the labyrinth, imagining yourself in a fairy tale or anywhere else, where the metaphoric symbolism of a labyrinth may be applied to.Top parks Barcelona - Labirynth of HortaThe theme of the gardens is love… so you can wander around in the airy-fairy mood and feel the atmosphere with the every step you make.

The garden is not only limited by a labyrinth of trimmed cypress bushes, there is a lot more to be discovered.

statue in Park del Laberint d'Horta

A river of carefully trimmed gardens, beautiful flower beds, gazebos and Greek statues cascades down the hillside. You should definitely go and see it, and decide what could appeal to your sense of beauty.

Just outside the park museum area, there is an excellent spot for a picnic. Or if you left your rug at home, place yourself at one of the garden benches in the shade of huge trees. They had time to grow since the park is the oldest in Barcelona.

Top Barcelona Parks - Laberinto de Horta

In summer months the city council of Barcelona organises concerts of classical music in the park. Needless to say, it is quite fascinating: pure sounds, fresh air and marvellous surroundings.

Even if you don’t consider yourself as a big fan of classical music, you should experience that amazing show.

Where you can find it: Passeig dels Castanyers, 1, 08035 Barcelona

Diagonal Mar Park

Well, this is the place if you want something off the grid. Diagonal Mar Park is located close to Selva de Mar metro station, in Diagonal Mar neighbourhood.

Diagonal Mar Park

You would be amazed to find yourself the only visitor of the park on a weekday morning. In winter or summer, this park is a perfect spot for reading a book, planning your friend’s birthday party, or just having a simple picnic with your lady.

Probably, it’s not the most striking park in Barcelona, but it is indeed quiet, peaceful and has its own highlights. You will find a beautiful lake connected with ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

The minimalist monuments located just about the entrance remind me of snakes or some kind of slopes.

Diagonal Park snake-like monument

There’s also a huge playground for kids and, last but not the least, lots of trees, bushes and spots to stretch your rug on the grass.

Designed by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue, this park has lots of nice details and elements to contemplate while enjoying the picnic (mosaics may remind you Gaudi’s, but they aren’t).

Diagonal Park details

Check where these parks are located on the map

We hope that our blog gave you the idea of what you want to visit next. We are happy to share our love to Barcelona with you. Enjoy this fascinating city that always keeps you thrilled.



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