The Raval Cat

This cat, which meets everyone with a smile, is a true symbol of Barcelona and Raval district.

Back in 1987, the work of the world famous Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero was acquired by the city council of Barcelona.

The sculptor became famous for his figurative art style; he created a range of massive figures with solid legs, standing firmly on the ground.

According to his opinion, such grotesque sculptures engender confidence in people and give them peace of mind.

the ravals cat

Cats take a special place in Fernando Botero works. Their plump bronze figures adorn parks in San Cristobal, New York, Barcelona and Erevan.

The cat in Raval (despite its impressive size) is not lacking some elegance, though.

This cat was wandering around Barcelona for about 15 years whilst looking for a permanent place. Ciutadella Park provided it with the first temporary position that was relatively close to its fellow animals in the nearby Zoo.

After that, the sculpture was moved to the Olympic stadium area and, a few years later, the cat stood in a small square behind the medieval buildings of the city.

In 2004, the cat finally found a permanent home in the central district of Barcelona – Ramblas (in the street La Rambla del Raval) and it is going to stay here because everyone from the local community loves the cat and its roundish shape, childish look and long tail. People are meeting up here, dating and making wishes. Some brave souls even climb the cat’s back.


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