Sitges day trip

day trip from barcelona to sitges

In this article, we’ll take off from Barcelona for a day in order to have a break from its intense atmosphere and take a deep breath of the real Mediterranean with a scent of island laziness and peace of mind.

We are going to do a Sitges day trip.

Now I’m going to tell you about Sitges. This beautiful small town on Catalan coastline, which is only 35 kilometers south of Barcelona, will definitely enchant you with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, a unique mix of architectural styles and breathtakingly beautiful views. You might say that all these you can find in Barcelona, and I can’t agree more, but don’t be lazy, shake yourself up and hit the road.

Staying in Barcelona, you always have a lot of options to escape. In the previous articles, I’ve shared my experiences about a day trip to Montserrat and a weekend off in Cadaques, but these places are much farther from the city, and Sitges is just a short ride from it, but I’ll get to it down the lines.

Sitges church

Getting to Sitges

The town is easily accessible by train or bus from Barcelona center. Undoubtedly there is an awful lot of excursions to the place as well, but I always recommend to plan your own trip.

Especially in this case when it is so easy to organize. Spend a weekend there or just go for one day, the trip is not exhausting at all. It’s will take around 45 minutes on the train from Estacion de Francia, which is also a great opportunity to see this wonderful train station, opened in 1848.

Estacion Franca - Sitges day trip

You can also take the same train on Estacion Sants or Passeig de Gracia, but these stations are just too ordinary.

What to do in Sitges

As far as you arrive in the town, you definitely need to do a bunch of things. Here they are:

Stroll along a beautiful promenade, observing people passing by in a happy gaze and joy.

Day trip to Sitges - Sitges promenade

Fetch an ice-cream, sit on the bench and take a look on a marvelous scene of the sky merging with the sea.

Sitges beach in the morning

Finish you promenade with a religious center of Sitges – the Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla (which is one of the main symbols of the town).Trip to Sitges - Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla

Get lost in narrow and curvy streets among impressive mansions that combine a mix of neo-classicism to modernism.

Day trip to Sitges - streets of Sitges

Visit Maricel Museum or don’t… always depends on your priorities of course. It is a pretty building with a private art collection. The majority of works have a maritime theme, which perfectly fits the mood of a seaside town.

Day trip to Sitges - Museum Maricel in Sitges

There is a Museu Cau Ferrat next to it, and one more museum in the center of the town  – Museu Romantic. The latter has a famous collection of dolls (in case you are thrilled). So if you decide to visit these three buy a ticket that covers them all. It will be much cheaper and the ticket is valid within a month.

Estacion Franca - Sitges day trip

If you happen to be there in October, you should definitely check the dates and visit the International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges.

Sitges day trip - International Film Festival Sitges

Check out the Casa Bacardi in Sitges, where the whole history of Bacardi rum started. For a very reasonable price, you will learn the history of the company and the family, the rum distillation process and specifics, get the tips for some cocktail variations and the chance to make your own mojito. Very recommended.

Casa Bacardi - Sitges day trip

Enjoy a cemetery walk. Yes, the cemetery! It is not a typo and I am not a witch (however my ex-boyfriend’s doubt). If you are not too susceptible, wander around sophisticatedly decorated thumb stones and old sculptures, float above the fuss and routine of your life and “memento mori”. If you place yourself near a white wall correctly you can see the beautiful scenery of a whole Sitges seafront.

Sitges Cemetery

Take the hiking route from Sitges to the next village, Vilanova i la Geltru, to explore terrific views to the sea, breathe in the fresh air with rosemary and pine tree scents, passing by or taking the Mediterranean sun on the bunch of the wild beaches, including one of the first gay-friendly beaches in the world.

Estacion Franca - Sitges day trip

Visit Sitges Carnaval in February, full of colors, music, and parties through the night, but make sure you’re also gay-friendly and open-minded.

Sitges Carnival

Okay, spiritual meditations and expanding cultural and intellectual horizons are always good, but lunch is lunch. Therefore let me share a couple of tips with you.

Eat in Sitges

First of all, I would be reluctant to go to any of beach front restaurants on Passeig Maritim. The food is offered at really high prices, while the quality is much to be desired. You don’t want to eat the supermarket paella, right?

Why don’t you do something completely different and very non-touristic? Fetch a take–away pizza in any of pizzerias in town, buy a bottle of cold wine and head to a marvelous stone cape on the water. There you can enjoy a breathtaking view, feel a fresh breeze and hug your friend, or your dog…or you.

If you still need a show-offy part, with a waiter and a spirit in a beautiful glass, I’d recommend having a drink or coffee at El Vivero restaurant. Have a sit at the beautiful terrace with a breathtaking view and enjoy a good music while the sun sets over Sitges. Waiters are a little bit too slow (even for Spain) but just don’t pay attention to that.

day trip sitges with apartments barcelona

In case you insist that you want a normal lunch (or dinner) in a decent restaurant, and don’t want to bother with all this beach and pizza stories (since you don’t find it romantic at all) you can still have a normal food in Vivero. An average bill per person is about 35€.

I would like to recommend you another restaurant (which is a real life hack for a tourist). It is called La Taberna del Puerto. During a weekend you can meet there all Barcelona locals who come here to enjoy their lunch with a family (I am driving on two things: the food is really good and reservation is a must.) If you still haven’t tried decent paella, this is the right place to do it.

Though average price per person won’t differ from Vivero (35€), but it is definitely worth paying.

Though the restaurant is located in a port, don’t expect to find a super marvelous view on the sea. But I sincerely liked it.

Port view Sitges

Nevertheless, a terrace is quite cozy and enjoyable, as well as the restaurant inside with its marine interior and friendly personnel. It is not located on the main street so you will have to make a promenade towards Porto Aquadulce. I strongly believe it worth it, if you come there for a good food.

Another good option for a lunch or dinner with the reasonable price is El Donostiarra. You just have to try the typical apple cider accompanied with a plate of delicious Pinchos, like Escalivada, Ensalada Rusa, Solomillo and much more. It’s very easy to order when you’re in Basque tavern. Grab a plate and serve yourself, don’t forget to conserve the sticks, you will be billed by their quantity.

Day trip to Sitges - El Donostiarra

Conclusions to my Sitges day trip

Sitges definitely has a lot to offer. During the summer season, it is extensively crowded so you might not enjoy it as much as you would in September to November or March to May. In fact, Sitges is quite a city escape for locals during the off season.

Stairs promenade to Port

I heard many times that it is called Spanish Saint-Tropez… why for me, it is a mystery. Maybe due to the beauty of nature, maybe it is a marketing trick. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with Saint Tropez.

It is very relaxed and enjoyable, prices are quite adequate and people are very friendly (read between lines what I think about Saint Tropez).

Nightlife here is really abundant too. Depends on what you are looking for. Oh…talking about that… Sitges is one of the world destinations for gay tourism.

So, to avoid unexpected adventures, make sure that a bar or a night club you decided to go to is exactly what is in line with your preferences.

Sitges is a genuinely beautiful place and if you have any chance to go there, don’t miss it. And especially don’t miss the chance to see one of its magical sunsets. You certainly won’t regret it.

Sunset in Sitges

In case you are looking for other pastimes, check our blog to find more day trips and information about Barcelona.

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