Sagrada Familia

Everyone knows that name, it became a symbol of something unbelievably great and shockingly perfect even being unfinished. This masterpiece of architecture is created by a genius of all times, Catalan artist Antoni Gaudi, and is called Sagrada Familia.

sagrada familia barcelona

Interesting facts about Sagrada Familia and Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi

  1. It’s one of the biggest and most beautiful churches in the world and it was funded entirely by donations.
  2. It stays unfinished and it seems like all those building cranes are a part of its decor. But according to Gaudi’s last full detailed plans of the building, there should be eighteen towers. Eight have been constructed so far and the rest of them are expected to have been built by 2028.
  3. All Barcelona taxis are yellow and black as an eternal tribute to Antoni Gaudi’s death. Black as a symbol of mourning and yellow as a symbol of disgrace. Why disgrace? Last years of his life Gaudi looked completely crazy and poor (not because he was in poverty but because he meant all worldly to be unnecessary) and when he was hit by tram no one tried to take him to the hospital thinking he couldn’t pay for that. When he died, the government ordered all taxis in the city to be coloured black and yellow to remind everyone about human obduracy.
  4. There are no straight lines or angles in Sagrada Familia.
  5. Gaudi viewed his work on the Cathedral as a sacred mission from God. He invested all of his remaining funds in the church and lived at the Cathedral work site by himself for 16 years.Sagrada Familia antique


Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona

How to Visit

Sagrada Familia interior view

You can visit this unfinished masterpiece from 9 am to 6 pm in October – March and from 9 am to 8 pm in April – September.

The tickets can be bought online, in ServiCaixa ATMs or at the entrance. But we definitely recommend you to reserve your entrance using our ticket reservation system and skip the line! Don’t wait to visit this masterpiece!

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