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Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona

Brothers, weren’t you waiting for the Primavera Sound for the whole year? Didn’t you buy the tickets as soon as they were available on the website with the early bird discount? Weren’t you looking for the every single update on the lineup craving to see your favorite artists? The time has come!

What is Primavera Sound (Just in case you still don’t know)

Primavera Sound is one of Barcelona’s most popular annual music festivals. It offers one the most innovative and forward-thinking line-ups in Europe.

Sound Line-Up: Check the official site of the festival

primavera sound 2017 lineup

Dress Code: Comfortable (shorts and T-shirt) with a huge smile unless it’s raining. If it rains, same wear plus an umbrella, as simple as that.


May 31th – June 4th of 2017.

primavera sound in barcelona guide

Finding accommodation

It’s not easy to find the right accommodation during the festival, sometimes it’s even impossible and we do suggest you secure your apartments on our website 2 or 3 months before the event.

terrace with views in Rocafort Eixample Penthouse

Generally, the more time to the event the more options you’d have to choose from and the lower the price for the apartments (Please don’t tell to anybody;))

Tickets for Primavera Sound

Weekend Pass (€195.00) which will give you the access to all the events during the  Primavera’s Weekend. Also, you can get a one day ticket (€90).

Where to buy tickets for the Primavera – You can buy tickets for the festival online on their official website. Also, various ticket outlets sell tickets for the Primavera Sound. Though some outlets can add a booking fee to the price of the tickets and the price of the tickets may vary. For more information how and where to buy tickets for Primavera Sound.

Perhaps, if you still don’t have the tickets there’s no way you’d get them anymore due to the high demand unless you buy them from resellers or friends who changed their minds. One of the resellers.

How to reach the location?

You’ll easily recognise the place of the Primavera by its famous blue building called ‘Barcelona Fórum’ at the heart of the area. Don’t miss it! (If it’s possible)

transportation in barcelona

Getting to the Primavera by bus: There is a regular bus service that runs from the Zona Universitaria to the Forum. However, this service begins at around 06:30 and ends at around 23:15.

Getting to the Primavera by Metro: El Maresme Fórum (Yellow Line, L4)

On Thursday evenings, the metro stops running at 00:00 midnight and starts again at 05:00 and on Friday night the metro stops running at 02:00 and starts again at 05:00. On Saturday there is a continuous service a whole night.

Also, you can get to the festival by Tram (T4 tram line) and Taxi or by foot. The Forum is at the Northernmost point of Barcelona’s long stretch of beach. So, you can walk to the Primavera by the Barceloneta beach promenade. It should take you around 60 minutes. Of course, it depends on how many beer pit-stops you will take! ☺

Where to eat during the Festival?

what to eat when on primavera sound

Inside the Forum you will find a whole area only for food – like an outdoor food market with a large selection of stalls selling everything from noodles to burgers. However, the prices there tend to much higher.

So, we advise you to get a fresh bread, jamón and cheese and enjoy your own fresh “bocadillo” at the sunset and with a great soundtrack. Or you can also try some great spots in Barcelona

Events Surrounding Primavera Sound

While the festival goes on there are other events that will be taking place in the clubs and bars all over Barcelona. Some of these will be official events that are organised by the festival itself. For these check the official site.


Plaça del Fòrum, 1, 08901, Barcelona, 08019 Barcelona

Primavera’s location – an outdoor area called the Parc del Fòrum. It is a large outdoor space with concrete floors and large auditorium areas – perfect to enjoy festival, music and atmosphere. There’s no living space at the Primavera, so you need to find accommodation elsewhere in Barcelona.

Put your good mood sunglasses and prepare to enjoy, for the Primavera Sound is coming!

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