Poblenou Beer Festival in Barcelona – La Fira del Poblenou

Annual Poblenou Craft Beer Festival in Barcelona

You never know what happens in your very neighborhood. Annual Poblenou Craft Beer Festival is one of the must-see local fairs, especially for craft beer fans as myself.

You could have already figured out that I like beers from this post about Barcelona beer festival celebrated in March, but what we like most is craft beer. That’s the very reason why I wrote the article about the Top Craft Beer Bars in Gothic Centre.

poblenou beer festival

What is Poblenou Beer Festival

It’s one of these relatively small local fests (so far), almost untouched by the tourism crowd effect and popularization, so it’s quite relaxed during the day and slightly busier in the evening.

It’s a great opportunity to try most of the national craft beers, nonetheless, there’s also presented international guests from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and other countries with their best-crafted beers freshly served.

Beer is the answer

There’s also an annual contest for all represented brands, so you could always wait until the winners are disclosed and go get the one jury gave the prize to.

4 things I love about it

First, ridiculously fair prices. Do you know any places in the city where you’d get the fresh craft beer for 3-4 euros a pint? Let us know!

local craft beers on tap

Second, live music all day. Lots groups invited, you will not find Coldplay in the line-up but it’s still great to have some entertainment.

live music in poblenou beer fest

Third, local restaurants also participate and offer their delicious meals in caravans and kiosks. You could get just a classic hamburger or the thinnest pancake. Or, perhaps, a plate of hot gyozas in Mosquito kiosk.

foodtruck poble nou cerveza

And the last but not the least, fresh air, pines and the sea, it’s a 5-star location. See below how to find it.

Where to find Poblenou Craft Beer Festival

It’s actually located in a beautiful park full of pine trees close to the coastline, just a couple of steps from Bogatell beach. Pretty much unique location for this type of event, plus the temperatures in June are great, it’s not that hot as in July or August.

Passeig de Calvell, 2, 08005 Barcelona

Check the last year’s video to get the idea what this festival really is.


7, 8 and 9th of July 2017.


Their web page is under construction at the moment, but we hope they will improve it in time (They did, here’s festivals website), but what’s more important is that the festival itself is becoming one of the greatest events of the summer.


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