Its Oysters Season!

Together with fall, comes our favourite season of delicious oysters. And, as you know, the best delicacies are waiting for you at the local market.

Javier is a hereditary fishmonger. He works at La Boqueria, the oldest market of Barcelona, “non-stop” for so many years! And, probably, you can find here the oysters in town.

He admits that yes, of course, there are oysters larger than his in some places at the market, but the question is not only about their size.

Javier always hides your bottle of Cava in ice right next to fresh sardines, anchovies and sea-devil or places it in a bucket of ice giving us additionally a few slices of lemon.

We start eating oysters straight from the fish counter (just two or three of us), and in half an hour there is a bunch of strangers around us.

Everyone brings their own bottle of cava, and our smiling Javier happily shouts to his companion: “Oysters are about to end!.. What shall we do?”

season of oysters in BCN

So if you like oysters as much as we do, visit La Boqueria and taste the best oysters in the town at Ripoll i Estera (Tuesday – Saturday, from 7:00 till 15:00).

peix ripoll i estera 786

And finally, you can watch this short video about local products to start feeling the real vibe of La Boqueria.


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