International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges

Sitges day trip - International Film Festival Sitges

In October, Sitges hosts one of the major events of the year – the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, which annually takes place in Sitges almost for fifty years now.

Sitges is not only an amazing Mediterranean seaside town, where you can be lost in the beauty of the views or in the middle of some small street, it is also a home to this wonderful festival.

Trip to Sitges - church of Saint Bartomeu

We’ve already written in this article about Sitges, how to get there and what to do, so here we would specifically review Sitges Film Festival and activities you could find during these days.

What International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges is about

The Festival embraces oodles of trailers, exhibitions, and screenings of the fantasy films from all the parts of the world.

Horror lovers should not miss the event since they definitely can get some: pure horror; explosive thrillers; futuristic science fiction; reinterpreted zombies and vampires, and the most unclassifiable films. (Press release)

Every year a jury awards a prize to producers and directors in different film categories such as an award for Best Director and Award for Best Screenplay.

This year’s lineup embraces a number of European movies premiers like The Cured with totally new look on the zombie movies, or supernatural Muse.

muse 2017 movie

There’s also The Super representing the United States in the agenda as well as the Australian Rabbit.

The festival is not limited only by the Western approach to a fantasy film-making. The organizers invite to participate the movies from all over the world. In 2017, there’s a Korean Real.

real 2017 movie on international sitges film festival

Japanese, Mexican(El Habitante), Chinese and many more other movie artists will be presenting their horror babies to the public. This festival is a great chance to see fantastic genre from different angles in its very best moments.

el habitante

Anime in International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges

Anime, being an important part of the fantasy genre, is also represented in this festival with Anima’t section. It’s a great opportunity to see this genre, not much of it is shown nowadays in the cinemas and the anime lovers end up stuck in their houses. This year, A Silent Voice, and Fireworks: Should we see it from the side or from the bottom? are my preferences to see. Tehran Taboo could be very interesting, though.

A silent voice

Tickets to the festival

A ticket price varies greatly, depending on a type of the event or the screening you want to visit. For opening and closing Gala, tickets are usually sold out long before the event.

To figure what could be appealing to your interests, visit an official festival website, where you’d find the program and buy tickets.

If you a horror devotee but can’t make it this time, try to get to the event next year, since the festival will celebrate its 50 Anniversary and preparations are already in a full sway.

Or, on the contrary, if you just happened to be in Sitges these dates, and you are not a real fan of fantasy movies, go to St. Sebastian beach for a free make-up session for a zombie look and participate in a so-called zombie walk which is a lot of fun!

No matter if you decide to visit the Fantastic Film Festival or not, you have so many other things to be involved in.

To get a couple of ideas what could it be, read more on our blog. And let your trip be a fantastic movie in a best possible way.

Yours, JT

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