How to survive Monday – Zombie in Creps al Born

Zombie in Creps al Born

Feeling exhausted and demotivated?  Nothing is thrilling anymore? People around are hideous and irritating? These are typical symptoms of a Monday syndrome. If you still didn’t learn how to overcome it, I’m here to help you.

Today’s recipe is €10 Zombie cocktail in Creps al Born bar. A mixture of rums and fruit juices will make you feel alive again. Unusual serving will literally burn your depression away and get you back a feeling of joy and philanthropy.

survive monday with zombie in creps al born

No matter the day the bar is always crowded. I guess charming bartenders and amazingly tasty cocktails accompanied by light music make it so special. And who knows maybe your zombie cocktail will be complemented by a company of a pretty vampire. Isn’t it a great mix to get rid of the Monday syndrome? Have a great day and always remember… Monday hates you too.

Survive Monday in Creps al Born

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