How to survive Monday – PAX 49 cocktail bar

pax 49 bar in born

Nervous tension reaches its climax as you enter the room. The barely suppressed disgust to people disfigure your face, hardly they open the mouth to talk to you…

I might be exaggerating your reactions to the beginning of the week, but I’m pretty sure that your psychological state is not in its best state when it comes to Mondays.

Be chilled and finish what you’re supposed to do and afterwards you will have all the rights to pamper yourself with a good cocktail. Or if responsibility is not your second name just go straight to the bar.

how to survive monday - pax 49 cocktail bar

So, today’s recommendation is laid back and vibrant cocktail bar PAX 49 in El Born district (Carrer del Rec, 49, 08003 Barcelona). Go hard and spicy as far as you get in.

Go hard and spicy as far as you get in. El Picante is the right cocktail to exchange your face of disgust by I-burn-inside face. But who could object to chilli infused tequila complemented by lime and passion fruit? Just for €7.5, you will get a great remedy to burn your Monday depression away… literally!

PAX49 bar - El Picante cocktail, how to survive monday

Fetch a friend or find one there! Don’t stop your fights with any kind of negative emotions and remember… Mondays hate you too.

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