How to survive Monday – light and fruity Rioja in Enrique Tomas

If you are still struggling with a Monday depression it means that you haven’t found the right remedy yet. After reading this article, I hope Monday won’t be that intimidating anymore.

survive another monday with rioja wine

There so many ways to get over it, especially in Barcelona. My today’s recipe is a glass of good red wine… Yes! I hear you… Good red wine! The pleasure is in simple things.. and in grape-ish things…so where can you get it?
I recommend dropping by Enrique Tomas wine bar and shop. It’s a chain of spots where you can have fine jamon and try good Spanish wine.

Today’s choice is a glass of Rioja. Only for € 2,70 you have a great opportunity to drawn your Monday depression in a gleaming elixir. Feel receptors of your palate dancing in joyful unity with this tasty wine…especially accompanied by good jamon or Tête de Moine cheese..
Carefully selected bites could be a mortal blow in your struggle with a Monday depression. Enjoy your time and remember…Monday hates you too!

Yours, JT

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