How to survive Monday – Gin & Tonic in 1881 per Sagardi

Even if you are on vacations, you can’t escape from an oppressive feeling that comes hand by hand with Monday, hardly you open your eyes to greet a new day.

Unfortunately, there is no end to end remedy for Monday, but I am happy to share how to mitigate Monday symptoms.

Today’s recipe is a Gin & Tonic at one of the most fascinating rooftops in Barcelona.

Gin Tonic in 1881 per Sagardi

1881 per Sagardi bar and restaurant is a hidden gem, housed in Catalunya History museum on Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, 08003 Barcelona

Decide when you are ready to be saved from Monday syndrome and head for the place. I believe that the best time is 18:00-19:00. The Monday Remedy consists of distinguished and elegant atmosphere with a breathtaking view on the port, marvellous sunset settings and smooth sounds of lounge music created by smiley DJ.

A selection of gins is quite abundant. Starting from a standard Bombay for €10 up to fine London №1 per €15. Flavour it by the lively and vibrant atmosphere and here we go! Enjoy your Monday remedy and embrace your hands for a new week!

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