How to survive Monday – chic and cozy bar Mextizo

Another Monday has approached without you realising it?

Oh, yeah, prepare to suffer in pangs of hideous and irritating disgrace. Horrible swings of mood, a feeling of anguish, and yet more to come!

Unless you take fast action to take care of yourself and not allow a nasty Monday to ruin your mood.

I have a great action plan for you. Why don’t you drop by the chic and cosy bar Mextizo, where deemed light and smooth music will treat your Monday depression the best way possible.

Good old gin-tonic is always good, but try something different this time.

chic and cosy Mextizo

A good alternative could be Pimm’s cocktail: a cool mixture of ginger beer and pimms liqueur will spice your Monday up and wash away your sufferings.

mextizo bar in barcelona

Look, you are to spend only 12 € in order to end up in the amazing atmosphere, sipping a great cocktail and enjoying a wonderful company (hopefully you don’t have to pay for the latter). Pamper yourself and always remember… Monday hates you too.

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