Where to find luggage lockers in Barcelona

In this post, you will learn where to find lockers or baggage drop services and avoid dragging your bags through the city when you have a late or delayed flight.

Barcelona is big and beautiful. Every corner of it needs your special attention and when you are in the city you want to spend every minute enjoying it.

But being a traveller means sometimes you have to drag heavy bags around being stuck with your luggage on the way. It can become an annoying problem if your plane flies later or gets delayed and you find yourself in the middle of the city.

A useful tip for those who prefer to reduce the efforts and walk light-handed – find a city locker and drop your bags, it’s a guaranteed peace of mind for your belongings and some extra time to explore the city while waiting for your plane or train.

Locker near Plaça Catalunya

Working hours: 9:00 – 21:00 (winter), 8:30 – 22:00 (summer)

Centrally located lockers just near Aerobus bus station and Catalunya metro station with more than 300 lockers available.

Depending on the size of your suitcase the prices may vary from 6 to 11 euro and you can be sure you won’t lose the key – there’s a system of personal codes.

Address: Carrer Estruc, 36


El Prat Airport

You can always drop your bags at the airport El Prat, both in T1 and T2. The lockers are open 24/7 and the price depends on the size and time (around 6 to 10 euros).

Just follow the locker sign within the airport terminal. As easy as that.

Bus and Train station Sants

Sants is the biggest train and bus station and it’s very convenient to get to. There are some lockers as well, you can find them next to McDonald’s. They are monitored by the cams.

The working hours 365 days a year: 5:30 – 23:00. It would cost you from 3 to 5 euros depending on the size of the bag.

This option would work perfectly for the people leaving from station Sants or staying close by.

Sants is also connected with the airport which will permit you to easily get to T1 or T2 after taking your luggage.

Address: por, Carrer Numància, 08906 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Bus station Nord

Another station located near Arc Triomf, where you can leave your luggage from 5:30 to 01:00. It’s quite cheap and will cost you less than 5 euros per bag for 24 hours.

This locker is great if you’re staying nearby or planning to leave the city from station Nord. You could easily find them just in front of bus platforms 1-7.

Address: Carrer d’Alí Bei, 80, 08013 Barcelona

Baggage Drop Service

This service is not quite new, but it’s getting every time more and more attention, especially because of the strict hotels’ policies about the check-out time. The apartments are no exception, we have lots of inquiries from our guests to leave the luggage until later.

The apartments are no exception, we have lots of inquiries from our guests to leave the luggage until later. When this is possible, we are always happy to be of help and let you drop the luggage for a couple of hours with no extra charges at all.

But, unfortunately, in some cases, when the next guest’s arriving within just a few hours or is already waiting for check in, it is impossible to accommodate your inquiry. Due to our standards of cleaning, we have to clean, air, disinfect and prepare the apartment for next guest’s arrival.

Baggage Drop Service permits you to enjoy the city without having to worry about the safety of your belongings, luggage weight, check out times or anything at all.

You make the reservation on their website, indicating the place and time of the pickup, get the bags picked up and explore the city at your own pace for the rest of your free time.

Get to the meeting point on time and get your luggage bag, isn’t that easy?


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