Festa Major de Gràcia

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia in Barcelona

Gràcia, a district of Barcelona, is located just a few steps further from Passeig de Gràcia, the famous shopping street, within a short walk from the city centre.

A lot of artists still live here, and it feels like an absolutely different world with its own bohemian atmosphere due to the historical fact of being an independent town until the end of the 19th century.

Its main streets are Verdi, Torrent d’Olla, d’Asturies, Llibertat, but we can’t really say which of the streets of Gracia we like most. Any of them has its special charm and personality, especially when decorated and prepared for Gracia Festival, or Festa Major de Gràcia as Catalans call it.

Fiesta Major Gracia

Come here in August for the great 5-day summer festival – Festa Major de Gràcia – and you are not going to be disappointed as the whole neighbourhood turns into one big celebration, and the streets of Gràcia during the fiesta look fabulous…

Decorations for Fiestas de Gracia

Residents prepare all the decorations themselves for several months prior to the festival; and every street looks unique, sensational, stunning!

Fiestas de Gracia decorations

Fiesta de Gràcia is also full of festive entertainments: concerts and performances are almost everywhere during all day and some of them go on in the night hours.

Fiesta Major concerts

District residents’ dance Sardana (the traditional Catalan dance), rumba and swing together.

Sardana - traditional dance

Wine and beer tasting are taking place around together with cooking the typical Catalan dishes and tapas, like Calçot or butifarra on the open fire.


You will never fail if you’d want to check restaurants and bars of Gracia. Night program mainly consists of concerts of the groups you never heard about, yet most of them worth hearing about, at least one time in this summer feast full of colours of life.

Colours of life on Fiestas de Gracia

Gracia Festival is being considered as one of the best entertainments for kids, it’s a good opportunity to spend a great weekend with them.

In fact, this neighbourhood transforms into a huge playground during these days.

Playground Fiestas de Gracia

There’s always special activities for the kids, chess or ping pong tables, walkable forests with weird animals, movie and cartoon characters and many many other things your kids would surely appreciate.

Entertainment during Fiestas de Gracia


3rd week of August.

Where to stay

If you’d like to join Gracia Festival’s celebrations and fully enjoy this authentic local feast, we recommend you to have a look at our Apartments in Gracia located in this neighbourhood to be closest to the most interesting events, concerts and entertainments.

Have an eye on outstanding Monica’s Place located on the street Verdi, and recommended by some guests and bloggers like RenegadeTravels.

monica's place livingroom

Or Gaudi Penthouse 1 away from all the noise of the celebrations and boasting with terrific panoramic views of the city.

Views from the bedroom of Gaudi Penthouse 1

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