Eixample Dreta district guide

Dreta de L'Eixample

After city reconstruction in XIX century, Eixample Dreta became a popular place among fat cats to have a residence there. Wealthy citizens were buying houses on the broad beautiful streets of the district, paying a fortune to live in a new modern Barcelona neighborhood.

This modernist area was designed by Catalan engineer Cerda and was contrasting medieval shadowy parts of the city by its sunny broad streets and geometrical layouts.

Eixample squares viewed from Tibidabo

Passeig de Gracia, packed with glamorous boutiques, could have divided L’Eixample into two perfectly equal parts, left and right, but it’s not and there’s lots of confusion about it. In fact, it’s the street Balmes that really separates the Eixample Dreta district from its sibling Eixample Esquerra.

Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona

Shopping and markets in Eixample Dreta district

If you have already examined that beautiful boulevard in a joyful shopping spree, it is high time to walk about a parallel street, Rambla de Catalunya (don’t confuse it with Las Ramblas) which not only can compete in charm and beauty with Passeig de Gracia, but can definitely win the race (well, depends on your tastes).

Rambla de Catalunya

The street embraces a huge number of restaurants, bars, and cafes. A majority of them have pretty terraces, where you can hide from exhausting city heat and enjoy a refreshing drink, or the whole lunch since some of the places definitely worth it. The street is a little bit less touristic and shops here are quite different from those at Passeig de Gracia.

restaurants and bars in Eixample Dret

You can still meet such mass-market brands as Zara or Mango, but some of them are not that recognizable and feature good quality things at reasonable prices.

The connecting streets between Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia could also appeal to your interest, especially if you are looking for Jamon shops or mouthwatering pastries.

Drop by one of them and pamper yourself with a sweet pleasure, and don’t forget to buy tasty souvenirs for your friends. Almonds in chocolate could be a good idea. They say it is a very typical treat of Barcelona, furthermore, it is incredibly yummy.

If you are up for food shopping, find the Mercat de la Concepcio, which is unknown among tourists but quite appreciated among Catalans. Dive into a mixture of colors, aromas, and textures.

Ask a friendly looking senior lady in a white neat apron to slice you 100 g of Jamon Jabugo, buy a box with fresh strawberries (or whatever fresh and colorful), get a fizz and amazing lunch of a fellow Barcelonista is ready! You can go home, or enjoy it in one of the parks nearby.

Architecture and culture in Eixample Dreta district

This area is definitely one of the most beautiful in Barcelona. It is a home to a majority of world famous highlights such as Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Casa Batllo, Casa Amatller with its curvy facades representing different shades and shapes of Catalan Modernism.

La Pedrera in Eixample Dret

The less known but never less catchy is a building of Fundacio Antoni Tapies. It is a gallery featuring colorful works of Catalan artist Antoni Tapies.

The gallery was created to learn about and contribute to a better understanding of contemporary art and culture from different forms and angles.

It embraces temporary exhibitions, lectures, and films. And it also has a beautiful library, where original shelves were conserved and which conveys a lot of studies on contemporary art.

Even if you are not a devotee of contemporary art, pass by that rare building, which is crowned by modernist sculpture “cloud and chair”, which looks sophisticatedly weird and beautiful at the same time.

Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Plaza Cataluña is a most famous and one of the busiest squares of the city. It is also a huge hub for the city’s public transportation. Below there are main subway junctions; metro lines and a city railway line meet here.

Plaza Catalunya

You may organize an unforgettable trip to Montserrat, Sitges, Figueres and many more destinations which will start at Plaza Cataluña or either way on the bus station Nord. Many of the city’s buses, as well as airport express, have their stops there too.

Needless to say about the unique beauty and its fascinating charm! You want it or not, but wherever you go you will be crossing it every day and never will be tired of this.

Despite the fact that nothing could be more centric than Eixample Dreta, the surprising and pleasant news is that the area is very quiet.

Quiet and residential Eixample Dret

You can live a busy life full of shopping and sightseeing adventures during the daylight, and swing into your soft bed full of sweet dreams and tranquility during the night. So the area is good to stay with children too (unlike the mostly noisy Gothic quarter or saturated Barceloneta).

Food in Eixample Dreta district

Eixample Dreta is also perfect for foodies. It embraces such good restaurants as Cerveceria Catalana, Cachitos, Il Birrino and more. The latter, by the way, is genuinely incredible. The fellow Italian chef prepares his favorite homemade pasta, lasagnas, salads, and seafood, which fantastically blends with the craft beers offered in his bar. Totally recommended!

Il Birrino in Eixample Dreta

By the way, I’ve written a dedicated article with my latest recommendations on where to eat in Eixample Dreta.

Check the Passatge de Concepcio. You would find such renowned restaurants as Boca Grande (with overpriced paella but good ambiance and steaks), Mordisco and Tragaluz. The last two are more relaxed and are good for lunch, while Boca Grande is definitely a chic dinner place.

On the south-west Eixample is adjacent to new buzz district of Barcelona, Sant Antoni. This district is really popular among locals and embraces a bunch of good restaurants and bars for dinner, brunch, or a quick drink. If you’re already thrilled, check my guide on where to eat in Sant Antoni.

All in all Example Dreta is considered to be an area of commercial and leisure activities, where it is very difficult to get lost and very easy to find good places. Almost every corner, every building, every square has an interesting story and looks irresistibly sexy.

Eixample Dreta streetlights

Take an alternative look at the area from a huge number of rooftop terraces, where you can have a refreshing spirit and fascinating view. It is not easy to find them, but I certainly can help.

Check my guide with a number of the best terraces in Barcelona overlooking not only Eixample but other areas of Barcelona, including sea view rooftops and more!

Yours, JT.

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