Earth Day in Barcelona

Earth Day in Barcelona

Every April Barcelona is summing up to the celebration of the International Earth Day. It is the day which is celebrated annually for over 40 years now all around the globe with participants in many country organising conferences, fairs and markets devoted to the global problems.

Such issues like global warming, ecology, energy solutions and the future of our planet are hot topics for discussions.

If you are in Barcelona in April you could consider visiting the fair devoted to the Earth Day – so-called “Dia de la Terra” in Catalan which takes place in Parc de la Ciutadella and Arc de Triomf. Check the map below to see where you can find all the participants and guests of the fair.


It is, in fact, one of the most local and authentic fairs in Barcelona and the dates may vary year to year. You’d rarely find such a huge range of local products presented in one particular place.


Last weekend of April (29th-30th).



Start your way from tents with homemade bread from local bakeries.

homemade bread on fair of the earth

The list goes on with a delicious honey from Catalunya, spicy herbs from Pyrenees and mushrooms picked in the local forests.

honey and herbs on fair of the earth barcelona

And look at this blue cheese! I’m not a big fan of a blue cheese, but this I definitely want.

You could also get almost any type of food all day long, like tasty local barbeque sausages called “Butifarra” with veggies or potatoes just from the grill. By the way, you could also eat “Butifarra” throughout the year or visit Gran Fiesta de Calcotada celebrated in Valls in the middle of January, one of the most recommended local fairs.

butifarra and potatoes grill on earth day

Still not convinced? How about Moroccan sweets here with mint green tea?

moroccan sweets on fair of the earth in barcelona

Grab it and take a break on one of the sunny terraces.

sunny terrace on earth day barcelona

And, of course, you’d be thirsty after all that deliciousness and would probably want a pint of local craft beer from Rosita, Almogavers, Birra 08.

craft beer on earth day

or refreshing mojito or caipiroska from Brazilian community.

mojito on earth day

Another good thing about this fair is it’s not just about buying.

It is definitely about the atmosphere of the place, and about the people, responsible people who’d like to be a part of the movement and be a part of a change.

This place gathers a lot of different people from different countries and a different background, but somehow that all fits in just right.

people on fair of the earth

I could just add that probably we are this change everyone is looking for. By gathering together like that, discussing the importance of this and acting every single day locally we can achieve more that we think.

young people on earth day barcelona

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You’d definitely want to stay in the apartment and take advantage of your own kitchen and cook a dinner from the products you’d just bought.

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