Dinner with locals: our way of discovering Barcelona

Nowadays travelling with a guidebook and observing the main sights seem to be insufficient. More and more people look for alternative ways to discover the city and to learn it from the less touristic side.

Happily, there are some global communities where you can meet up locals who are ready to show you Barcelona from within. One of such sites is called EatWith or, how they call themselves, “Airbnb for food”.

The idea of this web is to give an opportunity for a stranger to enrich his travel experience and to get to know people from other countries through sharing a dinner at their place.

We’ve decided not to waste time and checked it out. So, we were invited by a lovely couple – a photographer from Mexico and a Dutch actress, who love cooking and are really talented in organising amazing dinners at their place.

This evening our hosts were quite entertained preparing the dinner, so we had to take some photos ourselves.Candles, sofas, roof terrace with a wonderful view to Sagrada Familia, and of course delicious homemade Mexican food and interesting mezcal – what can be better!

Meeting new people with their life stories is great. But we also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the evening and took this opportunity to know each other on the team better.

When the conversation is accompanied with fantastic meals you’ve never tried, you can’t help but sincerely enjoying Barcelona and its lovely people. All you need is to open up a bit and try something new!

All you need is to open up a bit and try something new!

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