City challenge – 10 details one should discover in Barcelona

secret spots and gems of the city

There’s no doubt when you hear Barcelona you’d certainly think of its main highlights like Sagrada Familia, FC Barcelona stadium, Columbus monument, but in this article, I’m not gonna talk about them.

Join me on my journey through the hidden details and gems of Barcelona. Perhaps, they’re worth visiting even more than you can imagine. And you’d certainly going to have fun in the process.


The oldest house in Barcelona

If you appear in the street called Sant Domènec del Call (Barri Gotic), find the building number 6.

It is the oldest house in Barcelona built in XII century. Its walls saw many things starting with the earthquake in 1428 up to this day.

oldest house barcelona

Dragon in La Rambla

The Chinese style dragon hanging from one of La Rambla buildings is a good example of Art Deco.

It was designed in 1883 as a publicity for the first umbrella shop. So, that’s why nowadays this corner is also known as House of Umbrellas.

dragon of las ramblas barcelona

The cubic structure on Barceloneta beach

This cubic structure stands on the beach of La Barceloneta and it’s the work of contemporary artist Rebecca Horn, installed for the 1992 Olympics.

Made of iron and glass, the four misplaced cubes get a soft light and they say you can hear some soundings that represent the death of the star in its collision with the Earth.


The owl in Passeig de Sant Joan

Everyone knows this owl, you can see it heading to Sagrada Familia but not everyone knows that it’s a label of Schweppes which was born as a publicity stand for Ròtuls Roura in early 70’s and nowadays is a landmark of Barcelona.

owl barcelona san joan

Old mailbox on the house l’Ardíaca

This modernist mailbox located in the house of l’Ardiaca in the street Saint Llúcia near the Cathedral was designed by Domènech i Muntaner.

The mailbox was placed here for the Bar Council situated in this building back then.

The decoration is ironically symbolic, swallows symbolise how fast the mailing and judicial acts should have proceeded and the turtle reflects the sad reality of those times.

casa l'ardiaca barcelona


Plaza de Sant Felip Neri

One of the most charming town squares, Sant Felip Neri in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

In the centre, there is an octagonal font with a small pillar in the centre. The beauty of the place is undeniable.

Even though the marks on the facade of the Sant Felip Neri church caused by a bomb during the Civil War still serve as a reminder of what people are capable of.

sant felip neri barcelona

Sudoku in Sagrada Familia

I told you I’m not going to talk about the highlights, but I will. On the Sagrada Familia’s la Pasió facade there are several cubes making up sudoku lines.

Either by columns or diagonal lines, it’s 33, due to the New Testament – the age at which Christ died.

sudoku sagrada familia barcelona

Zero kilometre of Modernism

km 0 of modernism

Zero kilometre, the beginning of the Modernist Route of Barcelona and Europe, starts from the spot called Apple of Discord, at the gates of the Amatller House, two steps from the Casa Batllo.

km 0 barcelona

Plaça del Pi

Plaça del Pi in Catalan means the Pine Square, the place where, due to the legend, one sailor found an image of the Saint Virgin on the top of a pine.

That tree was growing inside of a new temple, which is Pi church nowadays. Every month here takes place the Honey Market famous for cheese and honey from different Catalan villages.

plaza pi barcelona

The Roman Wall remains

The Roman Wall of Barcelona, 9 feet high, was built in place of the first construction which had been destroyed during the bavarian’s attack in the II A.C. in Barcino.

remains of roman walls barcelona


Check how to get there in this map below, let’s see if you really can find all these hidden city’s details

Go ahead and try to discover all of these elements and share if you want your friends to see the real Barcelona!

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