My favorite cheap eats in Barcelona

Cheaps eats in Barcelona

What if you’re on a budget trip and want to find some cheap eats in Barcelona without renouncing the quality of food? Follow me on my path through affordable yet good restaurants in the city.

Barcelona is a food paradise. You can find here restaurants and bars of all shapes and shades: from ultra posh and very expensive up to small and cozy eateries with a very reasonable check.

I have selected some interesting spots where you can enjoy good quality food in Barcelona without a harmful effect on your purse.


Cheap eats in Barcelona - Konig restaurant

The place is definitely a rescue boat with food in the flows of expensive spots in Born area. Nobody said that you shouldn’t eat in Born, but in the majority of places, you have to pay a little bit more than you expect, due to rising popularity of the district.

Nevertheless, if you drop by Koning, you won’t leave neither hungry nor broke. The variety of sandwiches, mixed plates, salads, tapas, and hamburgers can’t be more affordable. Nevertheless, the price hasn’t diluted the quality or the freshness of the products.

For example, Valentina salad which embraces salmon, mango, goat cheese and walnuts is 6,50 and it is the most expensive option among the wide selection of salads.  Sandwiches with different fillings are all around €3,50, while the average price for cute tasty burgers is €4.

Konig - eat cheap in barcelona

Inside Konig looks minimalistic and modern: white brick, wood, and metal; cozy light and laid-back atmosphere. A charming terrace is located on a pretty pedestrian street. So you can entertain yourself watching by passers without a disturbing accompaniment of car noises.

You shouldn’t be a linguist to figure that a place sounds very German. Indeed! So if you are a beer lover, you will be thrilled to find here an extensive list of national and international beers. Mexican Negra Modelo was brilliant!

Where you can find it: Carrer de la Fusina, 3, 08003 Barcelona


Cheap eats in Barcelona - Bacoa in Barceloneta

Bacoa is a gourmet – hamburger chain in Barcelona. The connotation of a junk food in the word “hamburger” is already outdated and the owner of Bacoa is totally in line with this trend. He offers products grown locally, thus providing freshness and amazing taste, their meat is ecologic too.

It’s fun to order since you fetch a piece of paper where you can pick anything that you wish for! Starting from the type of bread for your burger (or it’s absence) up to a great variety of side dishes and sauces.

Bacoa - burger with pickles and eco meat

A tasty burger with a light beverage will cost you within €10-11.

Minimalistic design, big spaces full of light, comfortable high chairs: perfect atmosphere for informal lunch with friends, or egoistic all-alone devouring.

Where you can find it:

Ronda de la Universitat, 31, 08007 Barcelona

Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Carrer de Ferran, 10, 08002 Barcelona


Mosquito - cheap eats Barcelona

This Asian tapas bar is very popular eating joint in the area of Born. Always packed, it attracts its visitors by the unique atmosphere, dumplings made right in front of you and affordable prices.

Tight sitting arrangement and never stopping multilingual speech could be an obstacle for attentive listeners; nevertheless, you can’t find a better place in case you are tired of your partner’s talking.

It is not always possible to book a table here, thus you should give in your name upon arrival and wait for 10-15 minutes. In peak hours the waiting time doubles or sometimes quadruples. But since the kitchen is opened non-stop, come earlier and be seated right away.

The owners go in line with the environmental responsibility providing dishes based on high-quality local ingredients and “doing well not only in the kitchen but also beyond”.

Craft beer lovers will be delighted by a number of flavors Mosquito embraces. The owners always add something new to the list, so it never remains the same. You also might be interested to check other Craft Beer Bars in the Gothic quarter.

Cheap eats Barcelona - Pho Bo in Mosquito

Not only a great selection of beers but also high-quality teas are at your disposition here. Use this option if you are a tea freak since it’s really hard to find a good tea joint in Barcelona – tea-drinking culture in the city is very underdeveloped.

Classic Pho-Bo would cost 7 euros while Gyozas price is around 5 euros, which is more than fair.

If you don’t go too crazy, a delicious lunch/dinner with a drink will cost you around €10.

Some people say the place is overrated, I’d say worth visiting at least once!

Where you can find it: Carrer dels Carders, 46, 08003 Barcelona


Pizzeria NAP - cheap eats barcelona

In case you want to enjoy Neapolitan authentic pizza, go straight ahead to NAP, a pizza joint filled with noisy Italian speech and incredibly tempting aroma of pizza from the oven.

The choice of pizzas is quite abundant, a dough is really thin and prices are very democratic.

Margherita in NAP - cheap eats Barcelona

There are two NAPs in the city. One (NAP Mar) in Barceloneta and the other (NAP Antic)  next to Santa Catarina market. My personal preference is the latter, since the guys have two tables outside, which I, devoted smoker, find more appealing.

If you are in search of charming ambiance to spend a calm evening with your partner or enjoy an intimate meal by yourself, you’d rather forget it.

The place is noisy, always packed and tables are so close, that you can be taken away by a thrilling discussion of two friends about last night, or disgusting detailed gossips of a bunch of girls.

Pizza and a beverage will cost you around €10-11. The joy you get from freshness and a heavenly good taste is priceless.

You can always order a takeaway and enjoy your choice in more intimate surrounding…

Where you can find it: Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30, 08003 Barcelona, or Carrer del Baluard, 69, 08003 Barcelona

La Tasqueta de Blai

cheap eats barcelona - La Tasqueta de Blai

Carrer de Blai is a pedestrian street with a plethora of different bars and cafes. Located in Poble Sec district, which is not yet that popular among tourists and off the beaten track, it might give you an impression of being surrounded by locals (which is almost impossible in Barcelona).

So La Tasqueta de Blai is a typical pintxo bar located on Blai street, as you may guess. Quite popular among locals, thus quite crowded as well.

Everything is displayed on two level bar, so fetch a plate and serve yourself anything that looks desirable. The price per one item varies among €1-2.

la tasqueta de blai - pintxos

Among such tasty bites, you will find mini-burgers, tuna-stuffed peppers, goat cheese with walnuts and apple, shrimp balls and so on. Don’t go there if you don’t eat bread since the concept of a pintxo is a small snack pierced to a piece of grilled bread.

The locale is perfect for a little nibble with a drink. These guys have craft beers too, and… in case you don’t hide that you are a typical tourist, go for €3 sangria here.

You will have to sacrifice your comfort and be chilled; otherwise, noise and hovering around people could be the issue.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Blai, 17, 08004 Barcelona

Other places to consider

Wok Arc de Triomf, Passeig de Lluís Companys, 19, 08018 Barcelona

Les dues Sicílies, Carrer dels Carders, 22, 08003 Barcelona

Find all of the mentioned places on the map

If you are an attentive reader, you might have noticed, I used a word “noisy” a lot in this review. Yes, cheap and tasty food always attracts crowds, and in Barcelona people squeeze in everywhere.

So you’d better be philanthropically oriented; otherwise, you won’t make the pleasant experience. Or maybe the sound of the money you saved will ring in your ears making you forget about crowds at all?

The choice is yours, and forward planning always helps! Plan more to create an unforgettable experience. Find more tips on our blog.

Yours, JT

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