El Born CC or Born Cultural Center

El Born CC

Opened just a few time ago the Born Cultural Center or El Born CC has become the center of Catalan culture.

What is Born CC

This civic space, below the iron structure of an antique marketplace, is located in Born district and connects some of the oldest (and perhaps, most beautiful) parts of Barcelona: Ciutadella park, Passeig del Born, Plaça Comerç, Plaça Picasso.

facade el born cultural

The Born Cultural Center of Barcelona shows how Barcelona was back on 1700: full of commerce, light, and life …and how this prosperity was torn up to the roots with the tragic events of 1714 when the city was attacked by the Spanish King Felipe V despite the epic resistance of Catalans. Between 1691 and 1714, Barcelona suffered the horror of war. After the defeat, nothing was the same.

El Born CC in Barcelona

The permanent exhibition shows the society of Barcelona in 16th and 17th centuries. The excavations carried out within the grounds of the old Born market have given us detailed knowledge of a fragment of the urban Barcelona and the life that developed there. You can look into the keyhole of their homes and observe their life: music, language, literature, clothes…

borne cultural centre

Around 1.800 objects were found during archaeological excavations, things that belonged to the Catalan people who were expelled after 1714.

Today those objects help us to get with high accuracy a portrait of the everyday life of Barcelona 16th century people. And also the structure of 50 houses, bars, shops wells, barns and other parts of life that were during that time.

catalan flag el born cultural centre

If you are in Barcelona don’t miss this amazing place, and discover the true history of Barcelona and how that war changed its face.

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