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City Photo Bike Tour with Alfredo

In this article, you will find out how to efficiently and effortlessly explore all of the city’s most iconic and renowned must-sees within 4 hours and take quality photos with best memories home with you. 4 hours bike tour barcelona

Barcelona is a small city, but try checking for its must-sees in most of the guidebooks or asking any of your friends what are the places you’d have to visit to say that you’ve seen the city.

You usually get totally lost within this list and stress out about how to manage all that and chill at the same time. In most cases you would need around a week to explore the city with no rush, enjoying it and seeing all of its musts.

Say you’re on a tight schedule in Barcelona, like visiting for 2 or 3 days and still would like to explore the city. I have lots of friends visiting and overnighting but If they ask what they could do in a day or two I usually answer they would have to come back with more time available, which is not always happening.

Should I be worried or not?

But now, I know there’s the way. Or e-way, from efficient and eco. Alfredo challenged me some time ago that he could perfectly show me all of Barcelona in 4 hours and even manage to have a beer with “tapa”.

I didn’t believe and wanted to try because I wasn’t able to do that in 7 years living in Barcelona but he proved that it’s possible and showed me how good he knows the city, its most important sights as well as its hidden spots.

We’ve met on a Sunday afternoon which is mostly the only time for a local to spare 4 hours of his life, he was waiting at the meeting point with an e-bike. What? It was an electric bike which already was good news.

I thought I would be totally exhausted after 4 hours pedaling, taking into account that Barcelona is no plain and we were planning to visit quite a lot of places. I know what a pain it could be when you pedaling for so long and apparently don’t think any more about taking photos or enjoying the sights. It’s just about sweating and getting to the end of the trip.

It is a big challenge and a downturn of most of the city bike tours and Alfredo had it totally covered. These birds are equipped with electric batteries and not just eco-friendly but also cruise through the city effortlessly.

e-bike tour in barcelona

So, we started in Gracia to follow Modernism Route and visit most of Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces. I’ve seen them many times but these works never stop to impress, and thanks to my old friend Alfredo I’ve even got some new perspectives on Barcelona’s classics.

Sagrada Familia was as always unbelievable, followed by La Pedrera, Casa Mila, La Casa Batlló.

look at Gaudi's La Pedrera Barcelona

We cruised forward to find ourselves in the middle of the Gothic quarter.

It’s hard to remember all of the spots we’ve visited in old town, I could just highlight my favorites, remains of Roman walls, Columbus monument, Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, Plaza Reial and so-called plaza of two governments, or Plaza of Sant Jaume.

I could also say that e-bikes worked so well on the narrow streets since we didn’t have to push ourselves or make any efforts and thanks to it were not interrupting pedestrians routes.

plaza reial bike tour barcelona

Here, on one of the quiet secret terraces, we took our break and enjoyed it with “Cerveza and Tapa”, or beer and snack.

bike tour barcelona - plaza sant felip neri

Ciutadella Park and Arc de Triomf were our next stops after the break and are also must-sees in Barcelona. What I most enjoy of in Ciutadella Park is the truly peaceful atmosphere and multi-ethnical community.

Arc de Triomf is always making for a great photo, so I took my time to get the best perspective in the evening light. I was also able to get a photo of some street dancers enjoying their Sunday evening.

arc de triomf evening sunday dancers

Now we were heading to Agbar tower and further to the beaches to finally cruise through following beach promenade route.

We finished on Barceloneta and took some of the most amazing photos of the sunset I have.

I actually looked at my clock and approve that Alfredo won this bet and showed me all the highlights of Barcelona from his perspective within 4 hours of this relaxing and fulfilling tour.

group photo bike tour barcelona

I absolutely recommend this 4 hours tour because you will have the complete picture of Barcelona but of course, you could choose a shorter or tailored tour on Alfredo’s website and ask him any additional questions you may have.

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