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Nobody can be that rebellious to come to Barcelona and neglect tapas. So if you are not one of those who’d break all the rules and objects to all the logical laws of human being, you will definitely start looking for tapas bars in Barcelona.

It might seem so easy – you bump into “Tapas” sign every step you make, but how to pick the one, who will make your capricious nature satisfied? Let’s hope that my tastes are similar to yours so I could give you a couple of recommendations. Have a look at the list I created for you and try those out.


gallito barcelona tapas

If you are looking for chic tapas experience, drop by this incredible place, with a beautiful sea-view terrace and unforgettable settings. Not only tapas but Mediterranean cuisine, a broad selection of salads and many other tasty pleasures will tempt you to yield to gourmet spree.

Pamper yourself with a glass of cold cava while observing naughty waves trying to catch up one with the other.

The place is good both for lunch and dinner. Depends on how you prefer the scenery – daylight or twilight seasoned, dress code changes as well: for lunch, you can be super relaxed, with your swimming suit underneath, while at night you might like putting on something smarter. But we all know that Barcelona is not a place where you have to think about your dress code, maybe only for personal satisfaction.

So, as you might guess the place is not cheap. Salad will cost you approximately 10 €, tapas such as croquettes will be around 7€. I would say it’s worth it, for the place is beautiful, food is delicious and personnel is attentive.

Bear in mind, that during a high season (which seems to be always in Barcelona) booking is a must!

Where you can find it: Paseo Mare Nostrum, 19 -21, 08039 Barcelona


Sensi tapas barcelona

This tapas bar is located in the Gothic quarter, where a number of tapas bars exceed any reasonable number.  In fact, owners have three places in this area, and they were not too resourceful with names, all the three are called Sensi. One is a bistro, the other one is a gourmet restaurant and the third one is a tapas bar, I guess .. Basically, all the three feature incredibly tasty tapas, only the interior and location changes a little bit.

I will tell you about my favourite – “Gourmet by Sensi” since I find it really interesting. Owners took a traditional tapas concept and gave it a special creative touch and came up with such amazing names as  “Ham and foie gras croquettes with cep may”  or “Sautéed squid with asparagus and mushrooms, miso and lemon sauce”.

I honestly know that the way it sounds don’t deceive expectations on the way it tastes. Prices are quite reasonable. An order of three tapas, which is more than enough for a good eater, will cost you around 16 €.

The place is only available for dinner or super late lunch since it opens its doors only at 18:30. The venue is quite small and the bar is quite popular, so make sure your book it in advance.

Good music, great decor and friendly personnel will make gourmet tapas experience even more enjoyable.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Milans, 4, 08002 Barcelona


vinitus tapas barcelona

Locals say it’s one of the best places to try real tapas. I don’t know what they mean by “real”, but tapas there are really yummy.

Even if you don’t speak any language or can’t move your tongue, since the day before you were trying to differentiate between vermouth and vermouth, you can point at tapas without saying a single word.

Since all the variety of tapas, the restaurant features is exposed on a vitrine and decorated in a way you will definitely order more than you can eat.

Typical tapa in Vinitus

They don’t book tables, so if you are lucky enough you may be seated right away, but in the majority of cases, you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. But waiting can be enjoyable as well.

Order an aperitif and breathe in the atmosphere of a busy city, placing yourself on a comfortable bench with scattered around cushions, especially put to make a waiting process pleasant as well.

The price/pleasure ratio is also good. Order a glass of Verdejo and let yourself go!

Where you can find it: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 333, 08007 Barcelona

Casa de Tapes Cañota

Canota tapas Barcelona

If you find yourself in Poble Sec area, don’t hesitate to drop by this lovely tapas bar. These tapas originate from Galician recipes so the selection can be a little bit different from a traditional one in Barcelona.

Nevertheless, if you are not an amateur in Spanish food yet, you won’t even notice. Besides Galician tapas, the menu includes other Mediterranean delights and creative fusions.

Choose where you feel like placing yourself since the place has two floors and a terrace. If you are not a smoker, I suggest sitting inside, since the atmosphere created by cosy light and smiley personnel is quite laid back and enjoyable.

Since you are here, try Galician octopus, it is very typical for this type of cuisine and one of the best I tried in town.

Galician octopus in bar canota - tapas bars barcelona

In case you are in a big company, you can take advantage of group menus and try almost everything the bar features.

Good energy and relaxed music will accompany you while you share creative business ideas and food experience with your friends (or if you just gossip or explore Tinder).

And…. Try the Crema Catalana for dessert!  It’s like a creme brulee, but more Catalan-ish and creamier!

Where you can find it: Carrer de Lleida, 7, 08004 Barcelona

La Flauta

La Flauta - Tapas Bars and restaurants in Barcelona

The common tendency of tourists to look for something non-touristic ends up with local places becoming more and more touristy.

This is what happened to this place as well. But it doesn’t mean, that it affected La Flauta in a bad way. Locals keep on returning to the place and tourists keep on falling in love with Barcelona, staying in the city and becoming locals wannabe.

So let me describe La Flauta a little bit. Here you can find typical Spanish tapas in a nonchalant atmosphere and a good vibe. Fresh and tasty bites are rotated throughout the year, this is how the owners try to provide their customers with the best the season can bring.

Tapas in La Flauta

The personnel is very easy-going and keen on explaining you the subtleties of cuisine.

Fresh little sandwiches rolled up in a shape of flutes are really adorable and this is where the name of the place comes from! You can have them for breakfast with a strong black coffee, though if you have a sweet tooth take a freshly made bakery instead.

Tortilla with Ham flute in La Flauta

The place is good both for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but make sure you book in advance since it is really popular.

Where you can find it: Calle D´aribau, 23, 08011 Barcelona


Txapela tapas barcelona

Don’t know why, but at the end of the list, I feel like putting this place. I would call it Spanish fast-food. I don’t imply a word “junk” as the connotation may suggest, just recommend this place for a quick bite, while you rush around tourist shopping area in Eixample.

And here you will find not exactly “tapas” but “pinchos”, which look like small bites as well, but they are pierced by little sticks. This is a very typical approach of cuisine from Pais Basco.

As you can guess, the owners are Basques. They made sure, that food served in the house is fresh and tasty. One pincho will cost you around 2-3€ and you can choose them right in the vitrine or according to pictures on the menu, which are quite demonstrative.

menu txapela

Pretty terrace is also at your disposal, where you can feel the vibrant and lovely atmosphere of the city (yes, I’m hinting that it is quite noisy, but not disturbing, I would say).

I wouldn’t call it a must-visit place, but if you are in the area and looking for quick tasty bites, drop by!

Where you can find it: Passeig de Gràcia, 8, 08007 Barcelona

Casa Lolea

When planning a lunch or a dinner in Casa Lolea, you have to consider that it may be quite busy, especially during the dinner time. I would recommend booking a table.

This place features a clean and simple design with the abundance of conserved original rustic elements, typical in this district.

Hanging Jamon legs, tomatoes and garlic perfectly fit in the composition. I would say, the tall bearded bartender was also a great addition to the whole story.

Casa Lolea - Tapas bars Barcelona

Don’t pass by the risotto from pasta with black truffles. This one is certainly to die for.

Good to know that Barcelona’s classic bread with tomatoes is served as it should be, separately. Take the toast and prepare your “Pan con Tomate” for yourself, isn’t is the best way to try the local cuisine?

To be found in the menu, Kenya salad with beans, crepes with salmon, marinated sea bass, carpaccio, should I go on?

Tapas in Casa Lolea - tapas bars barcelona

For the dessert, I’d take a classic Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse or… Both of them!

Another good reason to visit this place is that you have the opportunity to try the real Sangria from the factory, and take away a couple of red dotted bottles if you’re in a right mood.

Where you can find it: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 49, 08003 Barcelona

Don’t forget to check the map with all places pinned

The selection of places is very different, it has a lot of shapes and shades and each one is quite unique in its own way. So we hope that you found the place that would appeal to your interest and taste. Explore tapas delights but don’t forget that there is still so much to see and try!

Yours, JT.

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