Best Paellas in Barcelona

Eat top paellas in Barcelona

Nobody wants to behave like a typical tourist, nevertheless secretly do all the things that a classic tourist wants to experience. And there is nothing wrong with it if you know how to do it with style and grace or at least with basic preparation.

What I mean is that you can try sangria and paella in Spain and even watch a Flamenco show, but don’t rush to a first place you bump into, since the offer is abundant but the quality is much to be desired. Make a small research and find a good place to make your experience genuinely pleasant.

As for paellas, you don’t have to worry anymore. Below you will find a number of paella spots, which we carefully selected for you. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed; otherwise, you just don’t like paella as a dish.

Xiringito Escriba

Eat Paella in Escriba

A beach restaurant, which serves a variety of paellas both for vegetarians, seafood lovers, and omnivorous creatures. I don’t know anybody who ever had any complaints about paella in this locale, it is really worth trying.

The personnel are friendly and helpful, food is tasty and fresh and the atmosphere is lively and cheerful.

These guys are real paella and fideua experts… Oh, you don’t know what fideua is? It’s a type of Catalan noodles, short and really thin, it is another typical Spanish dish, which could appeal to your taste even more than paella if you turn out to be a noodle lover.

Try classic paella in Escriba

The price for paella varies between €20 and €34 (the latter is the price for lobster option). Portions are quite big, so if you are three people, for example, ask for paella for two, especially if you plan to fetch starters like Chipirones before.

Chipirones in Xiringuito Escriba

The locale is also famous for its desserts, so keep some space to try one. Oh, and the guys even have a gluten free beer! Though, before visiting this place I never thought of glutens in my beer.

And one more thing… Escriba is a truly popular place. So very advanced booking is preferable, especially in summer.

Where you can  find it: Av. del Litoral, 62, 08005 Barcelona

Pez Vela

Eat paella in pez vela

Pez Vela is another shoreline restaurant, located on the opposite side of the beach next to W hotel. That one reveals genuinely spectacular view on the sea and the city. The atmosphere is quite chic so you might want to shake a beach sand off your back (to put it mildly) before entering the place. A menu is mainly focused on paellas and salads. Nothing too sophisticated, but really tasty and fresh.

The price for paella varies from €16 to €27 (27 is a  lobster version), and the minimum order is for two people, so you have to double the price.  Life is unfair to singles!

Paella in Pez Vela

The place is good both for lunch and dinner. Maybe for dinner even, you might want to dress up and enjoy a well-crafted cocktail at Wet deck bar or even visit Eclipse nightclub, both at W hotel.

In Summer, especially for lunchtime, the restaurant is overbooked, so make sure you book it in advance or that you have marvellous karma.

Where you can find it: Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19 – 21, 08039 Barcelona

Senyor Parellada

Eat paella in Parellada

If you feel like having a classy dinner at a cosy candlelit table with a white tablecloth, this restaurant will definitely satisfy your refined taste, not only with atmosphere but also with food.

The personnel are a little reserved, but very professional, exactly what you expect from a classy restaurant. For me, the place is a little bit boring, but the food is worth trying anyways.

Senyor Parellada offers authentic Catalan cuisine in its best representation. The choice of paellas is not very abundant but their taste is undoubtedly splendid.

L’Arroseria Xativa - best paella in Barcelona

The restaurant changes the rice dish five times a week, so if you suddenly fall in love with the place, you will also be amused by different paellas every day. I have never tried but people say that tuna tartar here is something to die for. So you might fetch it as a starter before enjoying your paella experience. The price for paella is € 16,80 and all in all, the restaurant has a good value for money.

Don’t forget to book it! You can never predict how packed it is going to be.

Where you can find it: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 37, 08003 Barcelona

7 portes

Eat paella in 7 portes

This place is definitely touristic… very touristic. But I can’t skip it since it has almost become an important attraction of Barcelona, furthermore, their paellas are quite good.

The restaurant embraces a long history and tradition which dates back to 19th century. A Catalan businessman opened a luxurious café for wealthy citizens of the city, who could enter it, as the name suggests,  through seven doors around the place. The café was turned into a restaurant and suffered many changes but the chic ambience, Parisian glamour and exquisite food stayed.

classic paella in 7 portes

As you enter you can still feel the scent of those times and furthermore a scent of a good food. The restaurant has a lot to offer, but since you came for paella, try Paella Parellada, which is a speciality of the house.

The restaurant is quite pricey and might seem too traditional for your taste. So,  don’t show up there if you are allergic to too courteous service and a little bit pretentious ambience.

Where you can find it: Pg. Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona

L’Arroseria Xativa

eat paella in xativa

L’Arosseria Xativa s a place where you shouldn’t go in case you are an indecisive creature since the restaurant offers fifteen different types of paella. Starting from traditional paella Valenciana with chicken, rabbit and snails up to Arroz caldoso (rice broth). Along with traditional paellas, you will also find creative approaches to the way it is cooked.

L’Arroseria Xativa - best paella in Barcelona

The restaurant is among few in Barcelona where you will able to order paella only for one person, it comes in a pretty little pan. If you are not fond of paella and was brought here by your dominant friend, don’t get upset – the arrosseria also embraces good quality fish and meat and even some veggie options (not many).

The restaurant also offers fixed menu lunch for €15 and menu for groups (from 8 people) where price depends on a number of variables.

There are two restaurants in the city, both are off the beaten track. One is very close to Camp Nou stadium so you can enjoy your paella on the way to a football match or on you way back. While the other is in Bohemian area of Barcelona- Gracia district, where street musicians and artistic people flock together in search of new inspirations.

Whatever location you choose, you will find yourself in a cosy and a little bit rustic ambience, where friendly personnel and mouthwatering scent will make you stay for a long time.

Where you can find it: Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 26, 08012 Barcelona and Carrer de Bordeus, 35, 08029 Barcelona


Check the map with all mentioned paella restaurants pinned

Hopefully, now you have an idea where you can act like a good tourist and try delicious paella. But there are so many things yet to try and experience in the sunny and sexy city of Barcelona.  Find more at our blog. We promise to share the best we know about Barcelona.

Yours, JT.

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