Best burgers in Barcelona

best burger bars in barcelona

If you are already fed up with oodles of tapas bars in the city and can’t hear a word “paella” anymore, I’m pretty sure you will love this article.

Or maybe you are not at all Mediterranean cuisine lover and a good old burger is the only thing you are dreaming of.

Perhaps, you’re Marshall from “How I met your Mother” show, and think God speaks to us through the food, especially through the burger.

To make you dream come true I am happy to share a list of spots I hit in a sacred quest of finding the best burger in Barcelona.

Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

burger in makamaka barcelona

In the Hawaiian language “Makamaka” means a very close friend. And the owners of the place are trying hard to treat their visitors within this concept. Super friendly atmosphere, very good food and amazing cocktails: you will definitely feel at home among your good friends.

The great selection of freshly made burgers with funny names will make you yield to the temptation, even if you were quite indifferent to burgers before that day.

A professional burger eater knows that a good burger should be accompanied by a good cocktail. In Makamaka it is not at all a problem. Cocktails selection was designed by mixologists especially for their menu, in order to make your burger experience even more distinguished.

The café glimpses with a refreshing and young vibe of La Barceloneta area, especially if you choose outdoor seating in order to enjoy tender kisses (or too passionate sometimes) of Barcelona sun.

burger in makamaka barcelona

Depending on your choice the burger will cost you around €9, more or less the same price you will have to pay for their marvelous cocktails, the glass of beer is around €3.

The place is extremely popular. Therefore in summer months, you will always have to queue in order to get the table. It won’t be at all tiring if you spend that time chatting with your buddies and sipping a refreshing aperitif.

Where you can find it: Passeig de Joan de Borbó 76 (Carrer del Judici), 08003 Barcelona

Meatpacking bistro

Best burger barcelona - meatpacking bistro

Is a great spot in Sarria to enjoy a good Sunday brunch with your family, have a fast cup of coffee on your way to a meeting, or to devour extremely tasty burgers in a merry atmosphere with your friends.

The name suggests the direct association with the artsy and laid back eateries in one of New York districts. And as far as you are inside, you understand why. Stylish décor, tasty, innovative food blended with trendy and relaxed folks, make the spot a wonderful place to be in.

I would say that for such a cool place, prices are reasonable too. The classical burger will cost you € 10, 5 while the veggie one only € 8,95. There are many other tasty things such as burrata (€12,5) and quesadillas (€16,5).

The quality of food is really impressive, so don’t limit yourself only with burgers and book a table to gather with friends for a good brunch. It’s always better to book, especially for a weekend brunch or dinner.

Best burger barcelona - meatpacking bistro

The place has a terrace but it is not too cosy, so I strongly recommend sitting inside to feel its end to end vibe. Have a bite of New York atmosphere in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and feel yourself like in a good movie.

Where you can find it: Travessera de Gràcia, 50, 08021 Barcelona

Urban Dock

eat in urbandock

Urban Dock café is another funky burger joint in La Barceloneta. Just on the way to the beach, you may drop by in search of fast and tasty food.

Fetch a piece of paper with a menu on it, put ticks across your choice, pay that right away and find a place where you want to wait for your tasty burger. Approximately in 10 minutes medium size burger with a huge pack of French fries will be at your disposal.

If you manage, take a sit on the outdoor terrace, where a fresh breeze and smiley bypassers will make your lunch even more pleasant. Another cool sitting is in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, where you can also gaze at people while devouring your tasty food.

You can order a burger exclusively for yourself, ticking different ingredients on the menu list and thus combining them to your own taste.  In the range of burgers, there is also a veggie option, of course.

The prices here are quite reasonable. For € 12, you can have a juicy burger with fries and a bottle of water, for example. Talking about the drinks, the place also provides a good offer for gin & tonics, so even if you were not planning it, you might change your mind.

try burger in urban dock

The spot has very minimalistic decor but it is full of light and looks very eco-friendly. And as the staff says it is. So drop by if you are in the area and feel like having a tasty and reasonably priced burger.

Where you can find it: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 42, 08003 Barcelona

The Cat Bar

Cat Bar - best burger in Barcelona

This place run by a British guy is something you shouldn’t miss. Great atmosphere, live music, craft beer and wonderful burgers: no better description of the place could be found.

But let me make something clear, before you rush into EL Born, looking for the place with predator devotedness. These indeed tasty and juicy burgers are….vegetarian. Which does not diminish their wonderful taste, though.

vegan burger in cat bar barcelona

By the way, we’ve already mentioned The Cat Bar in Top Vegan and Vegetarian places in Barcelona. You might find the whole article useful if you juggle your burger days with veggie ones.

Where you can find it: Carrer de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona

La royale

burgers in la royale barcelona

No-nooo… I couldn’t finish the review without mentioning at least one fancy place, even if we talk about burger joints. And here we go, La Royale – a fancy burger restaurant with a gourmet touch and one of the best gin & tonics bars in the city.

With recipes by one of the best exponents of Spanish haute cuisine, Paco Perez, and a selection of meat from all over the world, the place features an amazing burger experience.

The choice might be quite difficult, though. The selection of 11 gourmet burgers made from organic meats and created in line with Asian, African, European and of course American cooking traditions will make you catch your breath and make the uneasy choice.

burger in la royale

The restaurant also provides with a delivery and take away options, in case you want to enjoy their creations at home or during the picnic (find here best parks to stretch your rag). But I strongly recommend visiting the restaurant, since the atmosphere is positively laid back and personnel is also quite cool and friendly.

Along with London and New York trend accompany your burger with a glass of fine gin & tonic. The owners made sure that G and T gurus prepare an exceptional menu for them. Stylish décor and light music perfectly complement to that celebration of hedonism.

As you might guess, the place is not a cheap burger joint and the price for one burger vary from €10 to € 20, if you decide to accompany it with a gin& tonic, the price per person in your bill will be around €30-32… But don’t hesitate, pamper yourself with a good burger in a lovely company- you deserve it!

Where you can find it: Plaça del Camp, 5, 08022, Barcelona


Bacoa in Barceloneta

Just to make sure you haven’t missed it, I will mention Bacon one more time. (Find more details in Cheap Eats article.) It is certainly the best chain of quality/price burger bars in Barcelona. Quick and friendly service, juicy meat from Galician farmers and your own burger constructor option.

Bacoa - best burger bars barcelona

Where you can find it:

Ronda de la Universitat, 31, 08007 Barcelona

Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Carrer de Ferran, 10, 08002 Barcelona


Timesburger - one of the best burger bars in barcelona

Here you can fetch one of the biggest burgers you ever had. Their double-meat option won’t leave you hungry even if you are a voracious predator. Pickles, onion, bacon with cheese and lettuce complete the picture.

Burger in Timesburg - best burger in Barcelona

Fair prices and service but don’t take French fries, they are sincerely too average to focus on. UPDATE: I don’t how, maybe they heard from people but they fixed the fries! Fries were crunchy, fresh, not too salty and delicious!

Fries in Timesburg

Where you can find it: Passeig de Sant Joan, 47-49, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

La Santa del Born

Have you heard about La Santa del Born? Right, because it’s located on one of the smaller streets off the beaten path in Born district.

Chingon - best burger bars in Barcelona

Maybe it’s a bit more pricey and the personnel is not as shiny as in Bacoa, but La Santa is certainly worth visiting.

My choice went for a classic option with cheese, egg, and bacon but don’t be vanilla and try something more sophisticated.

black angus burger bar barcelona

Where you can find it: Carrer de la Pescateria, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


A small Californian restaurant in the middle of Poble Nou. I doubt you’d end up there if it weren’t for the burger, but it is indeed for the sake of finding the best burger in Barcelona, so anything is on the table here. To expect some thrilling variations of flavors, relaxed atmosphere, and helpful bartenders.

Chingon - best burger bars in Barcelona

Where you can find it: Carrer de Pallars, 329, 08005 Barcelona, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

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Whether you are a cruel predator, devoted foodie, or a nonchalant hipster, you definitely have so much to discover in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

Yours, JT.

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