A weekend off in Cadaques

A weekend OFF in Cadaques

Everybody knows that on arrival to Barcelona Dali museum is a must.

Afterwards, it turns out that the museum is not really in the city, but in a town called Figueres, which turns out to be 150 km from Barcelona and you have to make a real effort to get there.

What I am driving at, that besides psychedelically beautiful Dali museum there is much more to be discovered in the area.  In 30 km from Figueres, there is a magical place, where Dali with his five Gala spent over 50 years, this place is called Cadaques.

Looking at the twinkling sea and sun-drenched coastline, you realise why the Genius was so genius. When you find yourself there, you feel that you just don’t want to go anywhere else. No word in no language could describe the beauty of the place (and this time I’m not being poetic).

Getting to Cadaques

It is not necessarily to go to Cadaques only through Figueres. I just insist that since you have to make a long way in that direction, dropping by Cadaques is more than worth it.

Cadaques coastline view to the city

There is one little problem getting there, though. If to go to Figueres you just need to catch a train, Cadaques road could be an obstacle.

The best option is always to rent a car and not to depend on anyone and anything, if not you can always buy an excursion and hit the road with a bunch of like-minded explorers (if you are lucky).

There is also a transfer from Girona, which would cost you 40 €. Or you can always practice your Spanish and persuade somebody to drive you to Cadaques, use your charisma and let your adventurous personality go!

The one easiest way to get to Cadaques from Barcelona is taking a direct bus from station Nord, you will be there pretty fast and hassle-free.

In Cadaques

When you get there the first thing to do is, of course, to visit the beautiful sublime place that Dali created for his beloved Gala, and where he was losing his mind while his beloved was enjoying lustful pleasures with other men.. (bohemian world.. What can you do?)

Dali's residence Cadaques Port Lligat

Make sure you buy tickets online two days ahead, even in low season tickets can be sold out.

As you sponge in a mysterious and sophisticated spirit of Dali house, you might want to consume something more simple… Paella for example…or whatever that thrills you. Let me tell you, where you can do it.

Lunch in Cadaques

Try the Ses Paellas for lunch! As the name suggests, this is just the right place to eat paella, which is not an often case in the majority of places in Barcelona, for example. The food is extremely fresh and super delicious.

Ses Paellas restaurant in Cadaques

Besides traditional Spanish seafood, such as octopus and prawns, the house offers to their visitors’ quite exotic types of seafood such as sea snails and scallops.

It depends on the season, of course, but the goal of the owner is to treat his customer the freshest food the season may provide (in winter they are closed, though).

Don’t rush to drink an espresso after you delicious lunch. Though the restaurant has a pretty terrace at a cosy curvy street, head towards the sea, that is just 50 meters from the place and pick any sexy table right on the shore, isn’t coffee getting even more enjoyable?

Dinner in Cadaques

The Mos restaurant is really a good idea for a delicious dinner. The place is a little bit chiс (in Cadaques framework, though) and the personnel is really friendly and attentive. If you are up for a little bit of privacy, you can go to the garden inside, where you can hide from a noisiness of the street and enjoy birds twinkling.

El mos restaurant in Cadaques

Talking about the birds, one of the restaurant residents is a huge parrot, who will be kind enough to talk to you if he is in a good mood.

Food choice is quite abundant from seafood to meat and vegetables, so you will definitely find something that appeals to your taste.

A great advantage of the fixed menu is a sweet buffet. So you can keep on trying different types of sweet pleasures until you can’t breathe.

What to do in Cadaques

Oh! Talking about the shore and other wet activities. You might sunbathe on a pretty beach-line observing colourful little boats, or get the board and do paddle surf or even rent a boat and have a boat trip overlooking the city from the sea…

cadaques coastline

The city beaches may be too overcrowded, though you could look for more privacy in tiny “calas” located through the whole coastline. Be careful and wear something on your feet to protect them from sea hedgehogs, they are basically everywhere.

hidden calas in cadaques

There are just some of the views of those “calas” hidden through the coast.

sea views in cadaques

When it gets darker, drop by Café de la Habana. This place was one of the favourite hangouts of Dali.

Order a glass of wine and listen to a local band filling the atmosphere with cheerful sounds of guitar, as far as you start feeling inebriation you will notice that Dali presence, sitting at your table, is getting more vivid.

cafe de la habana cadaques weekend off

In fact, there are many places where the artist used to hang out. But owners often use it as a marketing trick to entice an innocent traveller and in reality, there is nothing special to be found.

Take a kayak and spend some time exploring the coastline.

Exploring Cadaques coast with kayak

Or just wander around the city hiding from the hot sun in the shade of white houses and churches. By the way, this architecture is very similar to Sitges’ architecture. I’ve already mentioned it in a “Sitges Day Trip” article.

White church in Cadaques

As for nightlife, you shouldn’t expect much from the village. So most probably the best option is to fetch a bottle of fizz and take away pizza (or whatever your mood and company suggest) and go the beach to dive into the eternity of sky full of stars or views to the city hiding in the darkness of night from a distant hidden “cala”…

sunset in cadaques

During the day, consider getting lost in the curvy and charming streets of Cadaques, and don’t believe your eyes when watching a colourful beauty of a twilight, get crazy with a Dali spirit on every step you make and do whatever you feel right since there is no better place!

One of Calas in Cadaques

And when you come back to Barcelona from an enriching weekend off in Cadaques, make sure to check our blog to find how to best experience our city.

Yours, JT

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